Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Cookies

Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Cookies

These two sets of Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Cookies were made by Cutie Pie Cookie Co. The characters look great, there is a terrific variety of designs, and all of the colors are bright and vibrant.


Hand Drawn Mickey Mouse Cookie

I don’t know if it is around any more, but back when Walt Disney World included a working animation studio, part of the tour was a lesson in how to draw one of the major characters – usually Mickey or Minnie. It is so much harder than it looks.  Jennifer’s Mickey is absolutely amazing. My favorite part is Mickey’s body language – his head is tilted to one side, his arms are behind his back, and he is smiling. He almost looks a little shy about getting so much attention.


Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Cookie

I saved my favorite cookie for last. This cookie is shaped like the number one. It is colored black, white, and red just like Mickey. The top of the cookie includes a drawing of Mickey, while the bottom has the word one written on it. Like Mickey the top half of the cookie is mainly black and white and the bottom half of the cookie is red and white. This is such an awesome cookie!

Black and White Mickey Mouse Cookies

These splendid black and white Mickey Mouse cookies could also be called – The Many Faces of Mickey Mouse.

These cookies show a variety of 7 different expressions on his face.

These wonderful cookies were made by FondanEli.

The cookies are shaped as hearts and circles. On some Mickey is laughing. On others he is smiling. On some he looks surprised or scared. On others he looks thoughtful. 

He has his eyes shut on some and open on others. On one cookie, he is winking.

Each cookie has a white background and a black dotted border. Mickey’s features are drawn in black.

Mickey Mouse / Super Hero Mash-Up Cookies

Do you remember Captain Action? 


Captain Action Ad

Captain Action was an action figure who could become Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Captain America, Spider-Man, Nick Fury, The Lone Ranger, The Green Hornet, and The Phantom. He had a sidekick Action Boy who could become Superboy, Aqualad, and Robin.


Captain Action Ad

They had their own villain, the wonderfully named Dr. Evil.  Unfortunately, Dr. Evil didn’t come with disguises. It would have been so cool if he could have become classic bad guys like The Joker, The Red Skull, or The Green Goblin.


Mickey Mouse / Super Hero Mash-Up Cookies

These cool Mickey Mouse Cookies, made by Leti’s Confectionery Dreams, remind me of Captain Action because they feature Mickey dressed as other classic super heroes.  They wonderful cookies feature Mickey Mouse dressed as Superman, Spider-Man, Captain America, Batman, and Iron Man.  For this set, Leti also made Mickey Mouse Ears Cookies with each hero’s logo on them.


Mickey Mouse / Super Hero Mash-Up Cookies

These cookies are so much fun!

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Mickey Mouse Cookies

These terrific Mickey Mouse Cookies were made by Fumi’s Party Cake.  I really like the surfing theme of these cookies.  This cool set of cookies features surf boards, a silhouette of Mickey Mouse, a close-up of Mickey laughing, Mickey holding his surf board, Mickey’s shorts, one of his shoes, one of his gloves, a Mickey Mouse balloon and a palm tree.  This is such a fun set of cookies.