Apples for Baking Recipes

To make any type of apple pie or pastry, I try to pick 2 golden delicious and 1 apple of several different kinds that the grocery store or farmer’s market has available at the time.  The mixture of apples adds a nice texture and flavor contrast to any apple baking dish. 




Here are some apples that you might encounter and a little bit about them:




Golden Delicious apples have a sweet mild flavor. They tend to hold their shape when cooked.




Romeare a glossy red. It is very good when cooked. It  tends to hold its shape when cooked.




Granny Smith apples have a slightly tart flavor and taste good in pies.




Macoun is sweet, and white. It is a deep red with a tint of purple.




Winesap is a tart apple. It has a dark red color with a rust tint.




Cortland is a sweet apple. It has a yellowish tint with large red spots on it.




Janathan is a sweet apple with a tough skin. It is half red and half yellowish green.




Ginger Gold is a golden colored apple. It has a mild flavor with a tart finished.




Pink Lady is a pinkish apple. It has a tart flavor.




Jazz is a sweet, tangy, and juicy apple. It is half yellow and half red.




Gala is sweet and fir. It is red with yellow or green stripes.




Fujiis sweet and crisp. It  lasts longer than most apples.

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