A Chocolate Chip Cookie Making A Film

When Cookies Make Cartoons!

WARNING: This blog post contains videos so astonishing that your jaw will drop to the floor. If you dare to proceed any further, the proprietors of this blog are not responsible for any damage done to your desk, laptop, jaw or past dental work. Still with us? On with the show!     View this […]

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Young Jedi Adventures Cookies

Young Jedi Adventures Cookies

These wonderful Young Jedi Adventures Cookies were made by Sweet Hello Bakery. Patricia made them for an 8th birthday party. The characters included are Taborr, Nubs, Lys Solay, Yoda, Nash Durango, Kai Brightstar & RJ-83. The detail on each character is wonderful.   My kids haven’t been preschoolers in years, so I’ve only see the

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