Scooby Doo Cupcakes

Splendid Scooby Snacks Cupcakes

These splendid Scooby Snacks cupcakes are red dog dishes filled with Scooby Snacks and a white dog bone. Scooby’s initials SD are on the side of the dish.

These wonderful cupcakes were made by Katia Dias Confeitaria

Scooby and Shaggy will do anything for a Scooby Snack.  

I love watching Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby Doo solve mysteries. 

A chocolate mold was probably used to make the outer layer of the cupcakes.

In addition, the yellow SD tag on the side of the bowl was probably made using fondant.

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101 Dalmatians cookies

Marvelous 101 Dalmatians Cookies

These marvelous 101 Dalmatians cookies have terrific drawings of these Disney dogs.

These wonderful cookies were made by Frosted By Britt

Firstly, three red cookies bring out the red on the other cookies. 

The first cookie is red with a large black dog print. The next cookie is a black and white silhouette of Cruella de Vil against a red background.

The third red cookie has the words from the song, If she doesn’t scare you, No evil thing will!.

Secondly, cookies with a white background have terrific drawings of the dogs in various scenes from the movies. 

101 Dalmatians cookies

Thirdly, cookies with black dots have the birthday name and the words Happy Birthday.

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Mickey and Minnie Cookies

Mickey and Minnie Cookies

These splendid Mickey and Minnie cookies feature both of their smiling faces.

These wonderful cookies were made by Glazur Bakery

Disney’s most famous couple, Minnie and Mickey, are a terrific cookie set.  

The Minnie Mouse cookie shows her winking and smiling.  Minnie’s hair bow is pink with gold dots.

The Mickey cookie is smiling back.  

I like the way each cookie has dimension. The face is thicker than the white of the eyes and the nose is built up on top of the face. 

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Disney Tsum Tsum Cake

Cute Disney Tsum Tsum Cake

This cute Disney Tsum Tsum cake features Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, and many other characters.

This wonderful cake was made by Von Cake

Disney Tsum Tsum Cake

This cake has ice cream all around the Tsum Tsum characters.  

Firstly, Winnie the Pooh and Donald Duck are inside a waffle ice cream bowl on the top of the cake. The number 18 on the side of the bowl represents the birthday age. A small yellow Mickey head is just beside the bowl. 

Secondly, Olaf and Gus Gus are scoops in an ice cream cone beside the top tier of the cake. 

Thirdly, the top tier of the cake is light blue with a white fondant snowy covering on top. Minnie and Mickey are at the base of the tier.

Fourthly the bottom tier is light pink with a white fondant snowy covering on top. An ice cream cone is beside the tier. An Ariel Tsum Tsum is in  front of this tier. A Marie Tsum Tsum is beside her.  A Flounder Tsum Tsum is beside Marie. A Sven Tsum Tsum is on top of a cupcake beside Ariel.

Fifthly, the round nature of the Tsum Tsums make them look a lot like ice cream scoops.


Disney Tsum Tsum Cake

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