Pooh and Doctor Who Too Cake

Pooh and Doctor Who Cake

This Pooh and Doctor Who too cake features Winnie the Pooh dressed in Tom Baker’s fedora, the TARDIS, a Dalek, and the head of a Cyberman. 

This wonderful cake was made by Square Hen. This is a 50th birthday cake and has the works Happy 50th Birthday written in gold letters on the cake board. The planet was made using carrot cake.


Winnie the Pooh Doctor Who Cake

Pooh has his feet on the rocks of the edible planet cake.  He is standing just outside of the TARDIS. The bronze and gold Dalek is in front of him. The Cyberman head is to the side of him.

Pooh and Paddington Bear Cake

Pooh & Paddington Bear Cake

This Pooh and Paddington Bear Cake features them sitting on a travel suitcase. Pooh is eating Hunny from a blue Hunny Pot. Paddington Bear is eating a marmalade sandwich.

This wonderful cake was made by Square Hen.  The travel suitcase was made using chocolate cake. The bears are made from modeling chocolate.

Pooh Cake

Here’s Pooh holding the blue Hunny Pot.

Paddington Bear cake

In addition,  here’s Paddington Bear eating a marmalade sandwich with another one on the plaid picnic blanket in front of him.

Paddington Bear Cake

A tag on the suitcase says Please look after this 50 year old Thank you.

Moana and Te Fiti Cake

Moana and Te Fiti Cake

Moana and Te Fiti Cake

This lovely Moana and Te Fiti Cake was made by Ket & Po. The front pieces featuring Moana and Te Fiti were both done in layers. So not only are they bright and colorful, but they also have texture. This gives them an amazing 3-D effect. Both are absolutely gorgeous!!!   

I also really like how the cake isn’t the focal point. It is just a backdrop for these beautiful gingerbread front pieces. I’ve seen a handful of bakers do this and when it is done well, like it is here, the results really stand out because it is so rare for the cake itself not to be the focal point.

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Gadget Food Art

Gadget Hackwrench Food Art

This Gadget Hackwrench food art is a figure of her made using salmon and cooked egg white or white cheese.

This wonderful food art was made by Agata Cute Food.

Her hair was made using Nova lox salmon. Her face and tail were made using cooked egg white or white cheese. Her wrench was cut out from cooked egg white that has been colored and outlined with Nigiri seaweed  Her clothes look like they were made from an egg yolk egg white mixture to give it a yellow color.

This Scrooge McDuck fruit pie would make a nice addition to this. And you may also enjoy this Rescue Rangers Cake featuring Gadget.