3rd Birthday Cake featuring Batman, Spider-Man & Captain America

This awesome 3rd Birthday Cake features cute versions of Batman, Spider-Man and Captain America. It was made by Carole – Confeitaria Artesanal.

This is a three tier cake. All three tiers are painted dark blue and have cityscapes on them.  On the bottom tier Captain America is running towards you with a shield in hand, the middle has Spider-Man hanging upside down, and the top has Batman frowning and looking down at the city.

This is such a fun 3rd Birthday Cake.


3rd Birthday Cake featuring Batman, Spider-Man & Captain America

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Batman Cake made by Ana Brum Biscuit Designer

This awesome Batman Cake was made by Ana Brum Biscuit Designer.  Ana has come up with a really nice three tier super hero cake design.  The bottom layer is the hero in silhouette, the middle layer is a close-up on the hero’s face with the city they’re protecting around them, and the top layer is a symbol associated with our hero.  Ana has done three of different super hero cakes with this great design.

The bottom tier has silhouette’s of Batman.  The silhouette’s include a close-up of his cowl and one where his cape is blowing in the wind.  The middle tier has a fantastic close-up of Batman with the sun setting on Gotham City. The top tier is the Bat-Symbol with a black background.  When you put the middle and top tiers together you get the image of the it being evening in Gotham. Then the top tier has the Bat-Symbol lighting up the night sky. 


Close-up of Batman Cake made by Ana Brum Biscuit Designer

Ana’s close-up of Batman is absolutely wonderful.

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Superman Batman Spiderman Cake

This cute superheroes cake features cute edible hand sculpted figures of Superman, Batman, and Spider-man. 

The side of the cake is covered in gray bricks. Spider-man is hanging upside-down from a web attached to one of the top bricks.

A yellow word balloon has the birthday name and age.

Superman and Spider-Man are standing on top of some gray bricks on top of the cake.

This wonderful cake was made by Tatyana Kitina.

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