Sensational Superhero Cookies

Superhero Cookies

These terrific superhero cookies were made by Audrey’s Cookies. These cookies feature Batgirl, Storm, Supergirl, She-Hulk, Psylocke, Rouge, X-23, Elektra, Big Barda, The Black Cat, Wonder Woman, and Tigra.


Superhero Cookies

Here is another photo of these awesome cookies.


Big Barda Cookie

Big Barda 


Psylocke Cookie



Elektra Cookie



Batgirl Cookie



Wonder Woman Cookie

Wonder Woman


Black Cat Cookie

The Black Cat


Rouge Cookie



Tigra Cookie



She-Hulk Cookie



Storm Cookie



Supergirl Cookie



X-23 Cookie


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Never Fear! These Justice League Cookies Are Here!

  Justice League Cookies

These fantastic Justice League Cookies were made by Hi Sweetie! Cookies. They feature Aquaman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern and Flash.


Justice League Cookies

I really like that these cookies include the classic Aquaman and Hal Jordan as Green Lantern.  Aquaman has green gloves, his trident and short hair. While John Stewart is my favorite Green Lantern (I loved him in the Justice League cartoon), it is nice to see Hal featured here.  


Justice League Cookies

I really like how most of the heroes are in action. Superman is using his heat vision. Aquaman is in a defensive stance with his trident in hand. Wonder Woman is using her lasso. Green Lantern is using his ring and you can see energy crackling from it. Flash is running and you can see him zooming past clouds. 

These are absolutely wonderful cookies.

A Third Birthday Deserves Three Superheroes

3rd Birthday Cake featuring Batman, Spider-Man & Captain America

This awesome 3rd Birthday Cake features cute versions of Batman, Spider-Man and Captain America. It was made by Carole – Confeitaria Artesanal.

This is a three tier cake. All three tiers are painted dark blue and have cityscapes on them.  On the bottom tier Captain America is running towards you with a shield in hand, the middle has Spider-Man hanging upside down, and the top has Batman frowning and looking down at the city.

This is such a fun 3rd Birthday Cake.


3rd Birthday Cake featuring Batman, Spider-Man & Captain America

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Sensational Batman Cake

Batman Cake made by Ana Brum Biscuit Designer

This awesome Batman Cake was made by Ana Brum Biscuit Designer.  Ana has come up with a really nice three tier super hero cake design.  The bottom layer is the hero in silhouette, the middle layer is a close-up on the hero’s face with the city they’re protecting around them, and the top layer is a symbol associated with our hero.  Ana has done three of different super hero cakes with this great design.

The bottom tier has silhouette’s of Batman.  The silhouette’s include a close-up of his cowl and one where his cape is blowing in the wind.  The middle tier has a fantastic close-up of Batman with the sun setting on Gotham City. The top tier is the Bat-Symbol with a black background.  When you put the middle and top tiers together you get the image of the it being evening in Gotham. Then the top tier has the Bat-Symbol lighting up the night sky. 


Close-up of Batman Cake made by Ana Brum Biscuit Designer

Ana’s close-up of Batman is absolutely wonderful.

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