Minnie Mouse Cake

This wonderful Minnie Mouse cake was originally published in 2015.

A terrific sugar paste figure of Minnie Mouse is on top.  The small cake on top is red with white letters trimmed in black.

This Splendid Minnie Mouse 7th Birthday Cake was made by Isbilya Cakes

Minnie Mouse Cake

Minnie Mouse is wearing a red dress with white polka dots and a white collar. She has a red and white polka dot bow in her hair. She is wearing white gloves and holding out her hands in the air. Her shoes are yellow. Minnie is smiling. The cake layer is red on the side and white on top with small black balls forming a border around the white top. 

Minnie Mouse Cake

The bottom tier of the cake is white.  Red silhouettes of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse on either side of  a black silhouette of Cinderella’s Castle.

The cake board is red with a black and white polka dot ribbon on the side.  A red polka-dot number 7 is in front of Cinderella’s Castle.

Minnie Mouse Cake

Top view of Minnie Mouse.

Minnie Mouse Cake


Minnie Mouse Cake

This cake is another blast from the past. I featured this Minnie Mouse Takes The Cupcake back in 2014.

This cake has a nice red, white, yellow, and black color scheme.

The cupcake icing is alternating red and white with a red and white candle on top.

Buttercups By Bezmerelda made this giant Minnie Mouse cupcake.

The paint cake sized cupcake is covered in brown fondant on the bottom to represent a brown cupcake wrapper.

 A single candle is lit at the top to celebrate a Happy Birthday.  

A black Minnie Mouse head silhouette is in the middle of the cupcake. There are pearls around it and a large yellow 3  in the middle.

 A wonderful sugar paste figure of Minnie Mouse sits in front of this giant Disney themed cupcake.  She is wearing a red polka-dot dress and a red polka-dot bow and yellow shoes.  

Minnie also has, on either side of her, a red present with a yellow bow and a smaller cupcake with a single red and white striped lit candle.  

Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Cake

This is another Minnie Mouse cake that I want to share from the past. 

This pink and white two-tier cake has a sweet sugar paste form of Minnie Mouse’s face inside a pink heart. Pink and red ribbon roses are nearby.

She appears to be having fond memories by the look on her face.

The baker did a terrific job representing Minnie.

This Pretty Minnie Mouse First Birthday Cake was made by Daantjes Taarten. Minnie Mouse is surrounded by a pink heart and pink and white flowers on this Marvelous Disney cake.

The checkered Gingham pink ribbon on the sides is a nice touch and matches the rest of the cake.

Minnie Mouse Cake

Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing some Minnie Mouse Cakes from the past that I really like.  I’m beginning this blast from the past with this stunning Minnie Mouse Cake which I first shared all the way back in 2015. 

This Superb Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake was made by The Cake Witch. 

What a great way to say Happy Birthday! Minnie Mouse is standing of top of the cake.  She is a 3-D edible figure probably made from sugar paste. She has a birthday present in hand for the lucky birthday child.

Minnie Mouse is holding a green Birthday present in her hand.

I like the use of color on this cake.

Minnie’s dress is red with white polka dots and she has a red and white polka dot bow in her hair. Her arms, ears, and head are black.

She is standing on a black circle.  There are red scallops and white daisies around the black circle. All of this is on top of the white fondant covered cake.

The side of this Disney cake has red and whites stripes and a white daisy to match the daisies on the top of the cake. 

I like the way two colors of The birthday name plaque. It is white with a small black border and a red bow on the front of the cake. There is a number two beside the name to represent the birthday age.

The white cake board is trimmed with a black ribbon.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

Here’s a side view of the cake. This view highlights the red and white polka dot ‘2’. 

Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

Minnie Mouse Cake