Donald Duck

Three Caballeros Cookies

Three Caballeros Cookies

Three Caballeros Cookies

These wonderful Three Caballeros Cookies were made by Jenny Jenny Bakes. They feature Donald Duck, José Carioca and Panchito Pistoles.

Here is Jenny’s description of this lovely set of cookies from Instagram.

Did someone say Cinco de Mouso?!

Actually it’s my Disney obsessed cookie bestie’s bday today @burntcookiesbymurrah!! I’ve been itching to do something southwest flava and thought Murrah’s May bday would be a fun mashup, so I had to go with Los Tres Caballeros. I know you’re thousands of miles away from me, but this comes with mucho amor, amiga!

Arch cutter is from @flourdbybethany and cactus is @annclarkcookiecutters. Pink baking mat was a gift from my other bestie @yvonnechanbakes. All character images are @disney.

Can you spot my cactus mistake?! 🌵 🌵 🌵


Donald Duck Cookie

Donald Duck 

Donald is dressed in his sailor suit. He looks like he is smiling and about to give José and Panchito a big hug. 


José Carioca Cookie

José Carioca

José looks dapper with his dapper hat, bow tie and umbrella.


Panchito Pistoles Cookie

Panchito Pistoles

Panchito is dressed in red and wearing a sombrero. He has a big smile and is holding his arms out wide. 

Jenny did an amazing job with each character. This is an absolutely gorgeous set of cookies!

Unfortunately, this is the first time I’ve featured José Carioca or Panchito Pistoles. But, I’m a big fan of Donald Duck and have featured him many times. Here are a few or my favorites:

This cake proves that Donald Duck was a very cute baby

Having a rough day? It could be worse. You could be Donald Duck’s Alarm Clock!

Donald Duck is here to save the day on this Duck Avenger Cake.

Want to know a secret? Donald Duck makes a great Easter Egg

Donald Duck Easter Egg

Donald Duck Easter Egg

Donald Duck Easter Egg

This wonderful Donald Duck Easter Egg was made by Aspadeco Sugar Artist.

It features Donald Duck in his classic sailor suit. Donald is thinking. Aspasia does a wonderful job showing this through Donald’s body language. He has a finger on his beak and his eyes are looking up.

There are two butterflies flying around Donald and a lady bug and flower on the ground.

This Easter Egg is absolutely fantastic! 

Looking for more Easter Egg ideas? I have featured over a hundred amazing Easter Eggs. Here are some of the fandom’s I’ve covered – Alice in WonderlandAngry BirdsBaby YodaBatman, Battlestar GalacticaBeauty and The BeastDisney PrincessDoctor WhoHarry PotterIron ManMickey MouseNightmare Before ChristmasPokémonStar Trek: The Next GenerationStar Wars, & Super Mario Bros.

Gravity Defying Donald Duck’s Boat Cake

Gravity Defying Donald Duck's Boat Cake

Gravity Defying Donald Duck’s Boat Cake

This Gravity Defying Donald Duck’s Boat Cake has the cake suspended on a tall stream of water. Two of the nephews are underneath, playing in the water. Donald and one of the nephews are riding on the boat.

This wonderful cake was made by Leeadinda.

I like the way the cabin of the boat looks like Donald’s hat. The boat is white with blue trim that matches the duke’s hats and jackets. In addition, red and white life boys match the red bowties on the boys. Moreover, the yellow stripe on the boat matches the yellow sun and the yellow duckbills. There is a yellow number 3 on the boat. Notice that the birthday boy is also dressed in a matching blue hat and jacket and red bow tie.  He is also wearing yellow shoes to match the yellow duck feet.

I like the way the boat looks like it is floating on stream of water.

Also you may enjoy these:

Donald Duck cookies with different poses of him

Donald, Daisy, and the Nephews Jelly Cake

Adorable 3-D sculpted baby Donald Duck cake

Superb Donald Duck Cake Topper Tutorial

Donald Duck Cake Topper

Donald Duck Cake Topper

This superb Donald Duck Cake topper wonderfully captures a frustrated Donald.  

This wonderful cake topper was made by Rick Zavala Bolos & Cakes

These are the things that I observed. His pupils are up and tilted to one side. The bridge of his nose is scrunched in just a bit. He’s propping his beak with his hand and he’s tapping on the table.  All of these help to capture his mood.

The baker made this terrific Donald Duck Cake topper tutorial to show how to make this.




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