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Superhero Month: Duck Avenger Cake

Duck Avenger Cake
Duck Avenger Cake

This dazzling Duck Avenger Cake was made by Marina Borghese & Liliana Blanco from Cake in ItalyThis splendid cake was made for the Cake Con Collaboration. Cake Con is a collaboration featuring amazing artists who have created sugar art inspired by TV series, comics & video game characters

New comic book adventures of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Uncle Scrooge are created in many countries.  In Italy, they publish stories about Donald Duck being a super hero named Paperinik.  In the United States, IDW use to publish these comics under the title Duck Avenger. 

Here is Marina & Liliana description of their wonderful cake:

The cake represents the nocturnal adventures in the city of PK: paperinik of the future. The idea of representing the super hero trying to simulate an exploded perspective was born to be as faithful as possible to Disney designs. Paperinik became PK super gentleman thief Technological hero of the new century.


Paperinik Cake

Duck Avenger Cake Topper

Paperinik Cake Topper