Donald Duck

Splendid Donald Duck Cupcakes

Donald Duck Cupcakes

Donald Duck Cupcakes

These Donald Duck Cupcakes are a great way to celebrate a birthday. They feature his face, and his hat and shorts.

These wonderful cupcakes were made by Maçã do Amor

I like the way blue is on every cupcake except his face.  They look fairly simple to make and are a nice birthday party addition.

Firstly, the cupcakes were frosted with chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles were placed on top.

Secondly,  fondant circles were cut.

Thirdly, sailor hat shapes were cut from blue and black fondant.

Fourthly, ships wheels were cut from blue fondant.

Fifthly, Donald’s shorts were cut from blue fondant and yellow buttons were cut from fondant and placed on top.

Sixthly, Donald’s beak was made from orange fondant and his eyes and mouth details were added using an edible marker.

Donald Duck Cupcakes


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