Minnie Mouse

Celebrating the 4th of July with Baby Minnie Mouse

July4th Baby Minnie Mouse Cookies

These terrific baby Minnie Mouse 4th of July Cookies are a perfect way to celebrate our country’s birthday.

Happy 4th of July!

These wonderful cookies were made by Cotati Sugar Mamas.

These cookies were made for a 1 year old whose birthday was on the 4th. The birthday name and age are written on the Minnie heads.

The baby Minnie cookie has her holding fireworks. The words Happy Birthday are above her.

Minnie’s ears are blue with white stars. The mail part is red and white stripes to resemble an American flag. There is a red bow with white polka-dots for Minnie Mouse.

I like the way the round fireworks cookies have fireworks that match the ones Minnie is holding.  Some have blue stars with a white number one to represent the birthday age.

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