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Donald Duck Doesn’t Like Alarm Clocks

Donald Duck Cake

Donald Duck Cake

Aren’t You Glad Your Not Donald Duck’s Alarm Clock?

I really like cakes where the character is in action or where the cake tells a story.  This wonderful Donald Duck Cake does both. Every time I see it, I grin from ear to ear. This wonderful cake was made by Siraç Ciçek, who also made this stunning Wolverine vs. Hulk Cake.

This cake shows Donald Duck wearing blue pajamas with red spots and a blue and red night cap. As usual, Donald does not look happy. In one hand, he has the source of his anger – an alarm clock. In the other hand, he has his solutions to the alarm clock – a hammer. All that is missing is Clarence “Ducky” Nash sputtering angrily about the alarm clock.

This is such a fun cake.

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