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This cake has a topper of Pinocchio on his hands and knees looking at his reflection in the cake. The reflection is of a boy, not a puppet.

Pinocchio Reflection Cake

This Pinocchio Reflection Cake was made by Molly Coppini. At first glance, I thought Molly had created a mirror glaze and someone placed a Pinocchio cake topper on top of the cake without ruining the glaze. But, then I looked closer and realized that the cake topper is Pinocchio as a  marionette, while the reflection […]

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Pinocchio Cake

Sculpted Pinocchio Cake

This sculpted Pinocchio cake  features terrific fondant figure of Jimmy Cricket along with Pinocchio. He is sitting on 2 books made of cake. The cake board looks like a brown wooden planked floor. This wonderful cake was made by Alessandra Caldeirao.   Here’s a picture of Jiminy Cricket’s face in-process.   Here’s a fondant figure

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Magical Pinocchio Cookies

These wonderful Pinocchio Cookies were made by The Golden Cookie.  The cookies include Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, Figaro, Cleo, and The Blue Fairy.  The most amazing part of this beautiful set? See the cute building blocks at the top of the photo.  Those are also cookies!   The likeness of the characters is absolutely wonderful.  

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