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Pinocchio Reflection Cake

This cake has a topper of Pinocchio on his hands and knees looking at his reflection in the cake. The reflection is of a boy, not a puppet.
Pinocchio Reflection Cake
Pinocchio Reflection Cake

This Pinocchio Reflection Cake was made by Molly Coppini. At first glance, I thought Molly had created a mirror glaze and someone placed a Pinocchio cake topper on top of the cake without ruining the glaze. But, then I looked closer and realized that the cake topper is Pinocchio as a  marionette, while the reflection is Pinocchio as a boy. 

Molly, who is a master at hand crafted figures, created the figure of Pinocchio as a marionette on his hands and knees looking at his reflection. I love Molly’s use of facial expression. Pinocchio’s eyes are wide and he has a giant grin on his face. This shows that his reflection makes him happy.

Molly made the cake plain because it isn’t the focal point. At first glance it looks like a brown and black mirror glaze. 

Molly then added the pièce de résistance. She painted on the side of the cake a mirror image of Pinocchio. So everything in the painting is upside down. If that wasn’t hard enough, the painting is of Pinocchio as a real boy, not a wooden boy.

The end results is one of the most jaw dropping cakes I’ve ever seen.

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