Rapunzel – cakes and cookies and cake pops featuring Rapunzel, Pascal, Flynn Rider, and Maximus from Disney’s animated movie Tangled.

Rapunzel Cookie & Cake

Rapunzel 4th Birthday Cookies

This Rapunzel cookie is the centerpiece for the 4th birthday cake below. The cookies were made with royal icing and hand-painted.

These wonderful cookies and cake were made by Queen Bee Cakes.

Rapunzel Cake

This baker often makes cake with layers of mousse and cake. They look really yummy. The Rapunzel cookie and the number 4 cookie are the focus of  the top of the cake.   Pink macarons are also on the top of the cake. The sides of the cake are purple, pink, and yellow.



Pink & White Rapunzel Cake

Pink and White Rapunzel Cake

Pink & White Rapunzel Cake

This pink & white Rapunzel cake is a two tier cake decorated with a fondant drawing of Rapunzel and Pascal and fondant lanterns that spell out the birthday name and a yellow sun with the number 5 for the birthday age.

I made this Pink and White Rapunzel Cake for Icing Smiles for a 5 year old girl’s birthday party. I love doing cakes for Icing Smiles for medically fragile children and their families.  This girl was a Rapunzel fan and wanted a pink and white cake of her favorite Disney Princess.

Fondant Rapunzel

Fondant Rapunzel Drawing

I started by drawing Rapunzel onto a piece of fondant. She was inspired by a Disney limited edition drawing by Tim Rogerson called Flowers in Her Hair.  Next I painted her with edible paint dusts. I painted using a dry paint method and a meat baster to blow off excess dust.  Multiple layers of paint dust was applied to give different shades of a color. In addition, Pascal was drawn onto a separate piece of fondant that was painted. Then it was attached to Rapunzel.  It is very helpful to have something like the Camera Lucida app to project the desired image onto the fondant.

Next, I cut out lantern shapes using cookie cutters and used tappits to cut out the letters of the birthday name and the number 5. I hand cut the yellow sun for the front of the cake.


Make and color cakes

I made 9 inch and 4 inch barrel cakes and covered them in fondant. First, I covered the top of the cake. Then wrapped the sides in fondant. Then I used a tear drop shaped sponge covered with a paper towel to make the modeled pink pattern on the cake.  I used a paper towel for the bottom edge.  Next, I mixed electric pink paint with vodka to make a thin liquid to apply to the cake. 

Next, I made a cake board using 12 inch cardboard cake circles hot  glued together. I made sure the grain of each board was 90 degrees off set from the one below it to make it stronger.  Then I hot glued a ribbon around the edge. For detailed pictures, take a look at Sugar Geek Show Cake Board Tutorial.

The birthday girl wanted sprinkles on the cake, so I placed some one the back of the cake and attached them with piping gel. In addition, I gave her a large bag of fresh made pink sprinkles to put on the cake wherever she wanted. Both the sprinkles and the piping gel were easy to make.  The sprinkles tasted very good since they were very fresh. I also used sprinkles to cover the fondant seam at the back of the cake.

Finally, I cut out small flowers and placed the candles through the center to make a flower decoration around each candle.

Rapunzel Cake

Here’s a picture of the cake at the party.

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Marvelous Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Maximus, and Pascal cookies

Disney Mother’s Day Cake Featuring Rapunzel

Disney Mother's Day Cake Featuring Rapunzel

Disney Mother’s Day Cake Featuring Rapunzel

Silvana Ribeiro created this charming Disney Mother’s Day Cake featuring Rapunzel. It is one of three Mother’s Day Cakes Silvana made that feature Disney Princess grown up and having their own kids. I thought these were the perfect cakes to feature on Mother’s Day weekend.

This cake has Rapunzel in a pink dress with purple trim. She is holding her toddler who is dressed in pink and purple and wearing little booties. Rapunzel’s baby has yellow hair just like her mom. Rapunzel is holding her child against her chest. Both have their heads turned and facing the person looking at the cake.  The background of the cake is painted in multiple shades of pink and also has yellow flowers on it.

Silvana is one of my favorite cake artists, so I’ve feature her regularly. Here are three of her absolutely jaw dropping cakes:

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This Gorgeous Tangled Birthday Cake Actually Lights Up

Tangled Cake

Tangled Cake

This lovely Tangled Birthday Cake was made by Cake S.A. I really like how the bottom tier serves as the base for both the cake and Rapunzel’s tower.  I also really like how the centerpoint of the cake is the stained glass window.


Close-up of Tangled Cake

This collage shows you the wanted poster for Flynn Rider, Pascal, and the top of Rapunzel’s tower.


Close-up of Tangled Cake

The stained glass window is my favorite part of this wonderful cake.


Close-up of Tangled Cake

Here is the stained glass window lit. There are lanterns beneath it.  This is so beautiful!


Close-up of Tangled Cake

Here are Rapunzel and Flynn on the boat with the lanterns floating above them.


Tangled Birthday Party

Here is a close-up of this cake at a wonderful Rapunzel themed birthday party.


Tangled Birthday Party

Wow! These party decorations are AMAZING!!!

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