Stained Glass Disney Princess Cookies

Stained Glass Disney Princess Cookies

I’ve been blogging about the world’s greatest pop culture cakes and cookies for over a decade. You think it would get old, but I’m constantly amazed by the creativity of cake and cookie artists.  

For example, today I’m spotlighting these absolutely stunning hand painted Stained Glass Disney Princess Cookies which were made by Cookies n’ Stuff by Chelsey. These are some of the most intricate and lovely cookies I’ve posted.


Stained Glass Snow White Cookie

Stained Glass Snow White Cookie

Snow White is dressed in her traditional blue, red and yellow dress. She has black hair and a red bow in her hair. She is holding an apple and looks like she is about to eat it. 


Stained Glass Belle Cookie

Stained Glass Belle Cookie

Belle is wearing her yellow ball gown. Her long hair is flowing over her shoulders and down her back. This is my favorite of the four cookies. The yellow of Belle’s dress looks wonderful as stained glass.


Stained Glass Jasmine Cookie

Stained Glass Jasmine Cookie

Wow! This is the most detailed of the set. Jasmine is sitting with her knees up and her arms wrapped around them. Her hair is hanging over her shoulder. Behind her is an intricate orange and blue window. Chelsey used so many small shapes to make this design and the results are astonishing.


Stained Glass Cinderella Cookie

Stained Glass Cinderella Cookie

I really like how Chelsey used a different pose for each Disney Princess. For this cookie, Cinderella is standing sideways and look over her shoulder. Like Belle, Cinderella is in her ball gown. 

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Hipster Disney Princess Cookies

Hipster Disney Princesses Cookies

Wow!!! These amazing Hipster Disney Princess Cookies were made by Cookie Cowgirl.  I love how Monica re-envisioned these classic Disney characters as real girls.  I’ve had serious eye problems since birth and my husband is visually disabled, so I thought the idea of having all of the girls wearing glasses was a really neat touch.

Here is a close-up of these amazing cookies:


Hipster Disney Princess Cookies

The characters are Tinkerbelle, Jasmine, Ariel, Giselle, Pocahontas, Aurora, Belle, Snow White, Merida, Meg, Cinderella, Esmerelda, Mulan, Jane, Rapunzel, Alice, Tiana, & Wendy.

The close-ups of these cookies are amazing. I LOVE Monica’s designs for each of the girls.  She captures the essence of each character and updates them to look like real girls.  A classic example of this is Cinderella who is near the middle of the picture.  Cinderella has her blond hair, her light blue head band, her blue choker, and pearl earrings.  Her colors are still blue and white.  Because of this, she is instantly recognizable as Cinderella, but the design is so modern that she could go to the mall and not stand out.

Each girl has a different set of glasses which is designed to fit their personality and clothing.

I also love how the cookies each have a gold frame.  It makes the cookies stand out.  Monica uses three different designs for the frames.

Monica drew these cookies with edible markers and then added more colors with a brush.  The end results is simply stunning.  The artwork is so detailed, it is hard to believe these are cookies. 


Hipster Disney Princess Cookies

The cool cookie cutters were made by Whisked Away Cutters.

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Kawaii Disney Princess Cupcakes

Disney Princess Cupcakes

These adorable kawaii Disney Princess Cupcakes were made by The Clever Little Cupcake Company.  Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Belle & Jasmine were hand modeled from fondant and the cupcakes were vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream.

Kawaii is an extremely popular form of art where the cuteness of characters is emphasized.  The character often has an oversized head, large eyes, and blushing cheeks.  If you’re not familiar with this style of art, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Life Lessons From Princesses

Jerrod Maruyama is a master of kawaii.  Here is his gorgeous kawaii Disney Princess print – Life Lessons From Princesses.  I like Jerrod’s artwork so much that I hired him to create Between the Pages mascot.  Jerrod did an amazing job and was an absolutely pleasure to deal with.


Kawaii Cinderella Cupcake

Cinderella Cupcake

Cinderella is so cute.  I really like how Cinderella’s little button nose is just a little off center.  It is just a little bit towards the biggest part of her smile.  Because of this, it draws your eyes to her smile. 

The detail on Cinderella is wonderful.  She even has her earrings and blue hairband.  I really like how the top layer of the dress is a softer blue and has a white pattern on it.


Kawaii Snow White Cupcake

Snow White Cupcake

I think it is cute that Snow White has the poisoned apple with her.  Snow White has her red hair ribbon and her traditional red, blue, and yellow dress.


Kawaii Belle Cupcake

Belle Cupcake

I love Belle’s hair.  I like the way the braid comes all the way down past her shoulders.  Belle is holding a rose and has a yellow dress with red trim and red bows.


Kawaii Princess Jasmine Cupcake

Jasmine Cupcake

Princess Jasmine looks fantastic.  The detail on her outfit is terrific.  There is a white pattern on both her top and skirt.  Her long black hair is tied up in a band and she is wearing her earrings and jewel.  Jasmine is holding Genie’s lamp.

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Disney Princess Meringue Cookies

When our kids were little, they used to play with Fisher Price’s Little People. So when I saw these Disney Princesses on Pinterest, I thought these were new Little People figures. Then I took a closer look and realized that they are 3-D Disney Princess Cookies.  The detail on these cookies is absolutely amazing!  These Disney Princess Meringue Cookies were made by Yohko Takahashi.


Love! Meringue

Yohko has written a cookbook – Love! Meringue. The Japanese Edition is available for the Kindle.


Disney Princess Meringue Cookies

Here is Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Belle, Alice, Snow White, and Rapunzel.


Frozen Meringue Cookies

Here are Elsa and Anna


Alice in Wonderland Meringue Cookies

Here is Alice with the White Rabbit


Alice in Wonderland Meringue Cookies

And here is Alice by herself.

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