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Jasmine – she is the star of these 13+ cakes and cupcakes.

Some of my favorites are:

Firstly, She is holding the lamp against the purple background of the square cake bottom layer . A lighter purple silhouette of the Sultan’s palace in Agrabah is behind her. Genie has just finished coming out of the lamp and is on the top tier of the cake. He is hilighted in blue against a green square top cake layer.

Also, Jasmine is hand-painted on a cake surrounded by edible beautiful agate slices on another cake. They compliment her dress perfectly.

In the same vein, there is a beautiful 4 tier cake that looks like a pink palace especially for her. This is the centerpiece of a party with chocolate castle pops,  candy apples, cupcakes, and cookies that match.

Likewise, cute cookies feature her with the Genie, his lamp, the magic carpet, and the palace.

To see her with other Aladdin characters, take a look at Aladdin Cakes,Cookies, & Cupcakes.

Jasmine Rajah & Genie Cake

Jasmine Rajah & Genie Cake

This Jasmine Rajah & Genie cake features hand-painted fondant pictures of these Disney Aladdin characters. This multi-tiered cake becomes a backdrop for the fondant character paintings.  This wonderful cake was made by Cakes by Byashim. Here’s a  Video of these  characters being painted.  The first piece of fondant was cut in the shape of Jasmine […]

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Lovely Blue & Gold Jasmine Cake

Princess Jasmine Cake This splendid Princess Jasmine Blue & Gold Cake has a nice fondant figure of her riding  Aladdin’s Magic Carpet.  This 2 tier cake is dark blue and decorated with gold accents. Aladdin’s lamp is on the cake. This wonderful cake was made by Kabilova Cake Fondant Jasmine Cake topper She is riding the

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