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Aladdin – Aladdin and Jasmine and Acrabar are the focus of these 20+ cakes, cookies, and more.

Cake and treats here have these characters together.

Several cakes have Aladdin and Jasmine together. They make a terrific couple.

Jasmine is the star at Jasmine Cakes,Cookies, & Cupcakes

Let me list several cakes that are my favorites here.

I love the cake where they are riding the magic carpet and it actually flies around in circles.

The sultan’s palace is recreated in life-like beauty in cake form.

Genie goes steampunk and has gears all around on a steampunk cake.

A set of 3 cakes has the Sultan’s palace in Agrabah and complimenting green cakes on either side that match Jasmine’s clothes.

Genie is the focus of several cakes and his lamp is nearby.

I love the 1st birthday cookies where Mickey and Minnie are riding the magic carpet and a palace is its own cookie.

Aladdin 4th Birthday Cookies

Aladdin 4th Birthday Cookies

  These magical Aladdin 4th Birthday Cookies were made by Monarch Baking Company. This great set includes cookies of Aladdin, Abu, the Genie, the magic carpet and the lamp.    I always liked that Abu was Aladdin’s best friend, instead of his pet. Aladdin didn’t own Abu. Abu stayed with Aladdin because they were best friends. […]

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Jasmine Rajah & Genie Cake

Jasmine Rajah & Genie Cake

This Jasmine Rajah & Genie cake features hand-painted fondant pictures of these Disney Aladdin characters. This multi-tiered cake becomes a backdrop for the fondant character paintings.  This wonderful cake was made by Cakes by Byashim. Here’s a  Video of these  characters being painted.  The first piece of fondant was cut in the shape of Jasmine

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