Aladdin – Aladdin and Jasmine and Acrabar are the focus of these 20+ cakes, cookies, and more.

Cake and treats here have these characters together.

Several cakes have Aladdin and Jasmine together. They make a terrific couple.

Jasmine is the star at Jasmine Cakes,Cookies, & Cupcakes

Let me list several cakes that are my favorites here.

I love the cake where they are riding the magic carpet and it actually flies around in circles.

The sultan’s palace is recreated in life-like beauty in cake form.

Genie goes steampunk and has gears all around on a steampunk cake.

A set of 3 cakes has the Sultan’s palace in Agrabah and complimenting green cakes on either side that match Jasmine’s clothes.

Genie is the focus of several cakes and his lamp is nearby.

I love the 1st birthday cookies where Mickey and Minnie are riding the magic carpet and a palace is its own cookie.