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Aladdin 4th Birthday Cookies


Aladdin 4th Birthday Cookies
Aladdin 4th Birthday Cookies

These magical Aladdin 4th Birthday Cookies were made by Monarch Baking Company. This great set includes cookies of Aladdin, Abu, the Genie, the magic carpet and the lamp. 


Abu Cookie

I always liked that Abu was Aladdin’s best friend, instead of his pet. Aladdin didn’t own Abu. Abu stayed with Aladdin because they were best friends. It gave Abu a depth that he wouldn’t have had otherwise.


Cookie of Aladdin's Lamp
The Lamp


Aladdin Cookie
Genie Cookie
The Genie

Robin Williams was perfect as the Genie. 


Genie 4th Birthday Cookie

This is such a cool 4th birthday cookie because your eyes aren’t drawn to the four. They’re drawn to the Genie appearing from the lamp.


Another version of the Genie coming out of the lamp.


Magic Carpet Cookie
The Magic Carpet

I always thought that having the magic that made the carpet fly also gave it a personality was really great idea. It takes what would have been an inanimate object and makes them a really fun character.

Planning a magical Aladdin Party?

This Aladdin and Magic Carpet Cake has a brilliant design. The cake is a backdrop of the sky. Attached to the front of the cake is an adorable hand drawn cut out of Aladdin riding the carpet.

This romantic Aladdin and Jasmine Cake features the couple kissing.

This Genie Cake shows the Genie rising from his lamp. The lamp is on the cake board and the Genie is rising out of it. The smoke is on the side of the cake and the Genie is the cake topper. The center of the cake is a silhouette of Aladdin and Jasmine on a magic carpet ride.