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The Cutest Aladdin Cake In All Agrabah

Aladdin Cake

Tatiana Barros Cake & Sweet makes the cutest cakes!  This is a barrel cake painted to look like the sky and clouds.  Flying among the clouds is Aladdin on the magic carpet. Aladdin is absolutely adorable. 

There is an amazing visual effect on this cake.  If you look at just Aladdin and the carpet, they are paper thin and look 2-D.  But if you look at them against the cake, you’ll see that they aren’t flush against the cake.  Most of the carpet and Aladdin’s hand’s aren’t touching the cake.  Plus, Aladdin’s head and the back right of the carpet stick out past the cake.  This mixing of 2-D and 3-D is done so well and it really makes the Aladdin and the carpet stand out.

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