Little Mermaid Cake

Splendid Hand-Painted Ariel & Flounder Cake

This Splendid Hand-Painted Ariel & Flounder Cake features a painting of them that spans both tiers of the cake.

This wonderful cake was made by Amirova Valeria

I like the way this cake artist uses the entire cake as a canvas for these characters from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

Firstly, Ariel’s smiling face takes up all of the top tier and part of the bottom tier.  The cake tiers are no more than 1 inch different so the small part of cake showing on top is also painted as part of Ariel’s face.

Secondly, Flounder takes up most of the bottom tier.  He is surrounded by Ariel and her red hair.

Thirdly, I love the smiles on the faces of Ariel and Flounder as she hugs him. Since the picture takes up 2 tiers, the focal point of the cake is these smiles.

Fourthly, the rest of the cake is painted dark blue to represent the ocean. Also a tiny white highlight separates Ariel and the ocean.

Fifthly, blue isomalt bubbles make a cake topper. In addition, more bubbles are on the cake board and the other tiers to compliment the cake topper. Also all the blue are used to frame and focus attention on Ariel and Flounder.

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Little Mermaid Cake

Little Mermaid 3rd Birthday Cake

This Little Mermaid 3rd Birthday Cake has a large purple seashell on top of the cake with a green number 3 for the birthday age.

This wonderful cake was made by Patty Cakes Tasty Bakes

I really like the large purple seashell on the top of the cake. The light purple seaweed and the purple seashells on the cake board match nicely with it.

In addition, The green fishtail matches the green of the number 3 and the green of the plants on either side of Ariel and Flounder.

Moreover, the gold starfish and seahorses blend in nicely with the sand.

Furthermore, Ariel and Flounder are in the center of the top tier. The green plants and the rock below Ariel frame these 2 characters nicely.

Also, I like the way the white seashell trimmed in purple has the words Happy Birthday. This blends well with the purple seaweed and shells all around it.

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Little Mermaid Cake

Splendid Blue and Purple Ariel Cake

This Splendid blue and purple Ariel Cake features a fondant Ariel figure in front of this 2 tier cake.

This wonderful cake was made by Vanilicans

This cake has Ariel surrounded by many objects of the sea.

Firstly, the cake board is covered in brown sugar sand. A gold starfish, a gold clam shell filled with pink pearls, and several seashells are on top of the sand.

Secondly, The bottom tier is blue. The area just around Ariel is shaded a darker blue to look like a shadow around her.

Thirdly, gold seahorses are on either side of her. Purple and blue seaweed are on the other side of them. The colors of the seaweed matches with the coloring of the 2 tiers of the cake.

Fourthly, the top tier of the cake that is behind Ariel’s red hair is purple. In addition, darker purple shadow are behind her hair and some of the starfish. A gold starfish, a pink starfish and a pink and white seashell are on this tier on either side of Ariel.

Fifthly, white fish tails are on the top of the cake. It makes it look like a school of fish are swimming behind the cake. 

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Little Mermaid Cake

Cute chibi Little Mermaid Cake

This cute chibi Little Mermaid cake features fondant figures of Ariel and the birthday girl as a mermaid.

This wonderful cake was made by C For Cupcakes

The first thing I noticed about this cake was the figure of Ariel. Next my eyes are immediately drawn to the chibi sandcastle version of King Triton’s palace behind her. 

My eyes were so drawn to the figures in front that I hardly noticed the 2 tier cake that is beneath the palace.

Ariel Cake

This chibi Ariel fondant figure shows her singing.  Green seaweed and purple and blue coral and a gold starfish are around her.

Little Mermaid Cake

This fondant chibi mermaid figure of the birthday girl is also singing. In addition, 2 purple seahorses are pulling her seashell carriage.


Little Mermaid Cake

Here’s a close-up of the palace of Atlantica.

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