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Blue Hand-painted Ariel Cake

This blue Hand-painted Ariel Cake has a terrific  fondant Sebastian figure on top. It also has a great hand-paint portrait of Ariel on the side of the cake. 

Blue Hand-painted Ariel cake
Blue Hand-painted Ariel cake

This wonderful cake was made by Bake Susha Bake. I like the way blue isomalt is all around the bottom tier of the cake. It also goes up the side of the top tier and up beside Sebastian.  Also the fondant Sebastian figure is terrific.  He’s standing on his back legs with his claws reaching up to the sky. I like the shading on him that uses multiple shades of red and some black and white.  In addition the blue background behind her really makes her stand out. It also blends well with the blue isomalt water.

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