Little Mermaid

Funko Pop Little Mermaid Cake

Little Mermaid Funko Pop Cake

This funko pop Little Mermaid cake is a sculptured cake. Isomalt ocean waves are under her and a circular blue water background is behind her.

The background is shaded a light blue around her to make her stand out more.

This wonderful cake was made by Artistic Cake Designs.

This cake is part of the Funko Pop Cake collaboration by Sugar Junkies Collaborations.

Her red hair is just like the Ariel Funko Pop figure.  She is green on the bottom and her tail is light green. She has solid black circle eyes.

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This Little Mermaid Sushi Is The Yummiest Food Under The Sea!

Little Mermaid Sushi

Little Mermaid Sushi

Today, I conclude my trilogy of amazing pop culture dishes made by Sorrenteaux. Two days ago, I featured Ashley’s amazing Raya and The Last Dragon shrimp dinner. Yesterday, it was her wonderful Minion Donuts. Today, I’m spotlighting this amazing Little Mermaid sushi.

Here is Ashley’s description of this yummy looking meal:

Under the Sea vibes for our #familymovienightboard ðŸ§œðŸ»â€â™€ï¸
We are going with the classic @disneylittlemermaid and enjoying the quickest, easiest sushi night from @pavilions ðŸ£
Gorgeous cookies from my gal @alexiscustomdesigns, Ariel inspired cake pops from @gorjess_cakepops, and some of my favorite ocean boards from @the_rusticcraftsman.
Check out my sea-witchy bff’s page @dreamboardsco for her stunning creation! 💜 


Little Mermaid Sushi

I really like Sushi, so looking at this wonderful spread is making me hungry. Having the flowers with the sushi really makes this look pretty. 


Sushi Platter

I like this close-up because you can see part of the wonderful serving board made by The Rustic Craftsman. Lindsey boards are absolutely beautiful.


Little Mermaid Cake Pops

Little Mermaid Cake Pops

Here is a close-up of the great Little Mermaid Cake Pops made by GorJess Cakepops.


Little Mermaid Cake Pops


Little Mermaid Cookies

Little Mermaid Cookies

Last, but certainly not least. Alexis Custom Designs made these wonderful Little Mermaid Cookies. They feature Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian, Ursula and Scuttle.


Little Mermaid Cookies


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Playful Ariel and Flounder 6th Birthday Cake

Little Mermaid & Flounder Cake

Ariel and Flounder Cake

This adorable Little Mermaid 6th Birthday Cake was made by Cakemade With Love.

This cake features Princess Ariel playing with Flounder. Ariel has Flounder’s two fins in her hands. They almost look like they are dancing together.  The facial expressions on the Little Mermaid and Flounder are terrific. I really like how Ariel is smiling and looking down at Flounder while he is smiling and looking up at her. There is such joy and playfulness in their expressions. You can’t help but smile looking at this cake.

The Little Mermaid’s red hair has been caught by the currents and is spread out behind her. The cake board is decorated to look like the ocean floor with seaweed and sand. There are pretty pink and yellow flowers on the cake. On the top of the cake is a seashell with a 6 candle in front of it. All these elements combined to create one of the cutest Little Mermaid cakes I’ve seen.

I can’t help if you’re planning a party under the sea. But we do have the finest gallery of Little Mermaid Cakes and Cookies on land!


Splendid Hand-Painted Ariel And Flounder Cake

Little Mermaid Cake

Splendid Hand-Painted Ariel & Flounder Cake

This Splendid Hand-Painted Ariel & Flounder Cake features a painting of them that spans both tiers of the cake.

This wonderful cake was made by Amirova Valeria

I like the way this cake artist uses the entire cake as a canvas for these characters from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

Firstly, Ariel’s smiling face takes up all of the top tier and part of the bottom tier.  The cake tiers are no more than 1 inch different so the small part of cake showing on top is also painted as part of Ariel’s face.

Secondly, Flounder takes up most of the bottom tier.  He is surrounded by Ariel and her red hair.

Thirdly, I love the smiles on the faces of Ariel and Flounder as she hugs him. Since the picture takes up 2 tiers, the focal point of the cake is these smiles.

Fourthly, the rest of the cake is painted dark blue to represent the ocean. Also a tiny white highlight separates Ariel and the ocean.

Fifthly, blue isomalt bubbles make a cake topper. In addition, more bubbles are on the cake board and the other tiers to compliment the cake topper. Also all the blue are used to frame and focus attention on Ariel and Flounder.

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