Cinderella showcases terrific cakes and cookies and cupcakes featuring her and other characters from Disney’s animated movie. These cakes, cookies, and cupcakes were done by skilled bakers from around the world.

Her carriage is the theme of many cakes.

Her and the mice and the glass slipper are on other cakes.

I made a castle cake for Icing Smiles and made a fondant figures of her and Sleeping Beauty.

In addition, Suzy, Perla, Gus, and blue birds are making her dress on several cakes.

Furthermore, here’s some terrific Cinderella Carriage Cakes.

Moreover, several cakes have recreated her castle. Take a look at these wonderful Cinderella Castle Cakes.

Cinderella Carriage Easter Egg

Cinderella Carriage Easter Egg

Cinderella Carriage Easter Egg

This lovely Cinderella Carriage Easter Egg was made by Zahari Sweet Shop. The carriage is baby blue. It has a gold tiara and gold braiding running from top to bottom. The carriage door is covered with gold curtains. The curtains are open and Cinderella, dressed in her ball gown, is stepping out of the carriage. The steps from the carriage are also gold. Cinderella is holding her glass slipper in her hand. The wheels of the carriage are gold vines which are rolled up.

This is absolutely gorgeous!


Close-up of Cinderella Carriage Easter Egg

Here is a close-up of Cinderella

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Blue Chibi Cinderella Cake

Blue Chibi Cinderella Cake

Blue Chibi Cinderella Cake

This pretty blue chibi Cinderella cake has a fondant Cinderella on the top of the cake. She is wearing a blue dress that matches the blue on the cake.  A pink and gold Cinderella carriage go well with her.  In addition a swag on the short bottom tier and the other pink of the cake draws out the pink in the carriage.

This wonderful cake was made by ArtDaKa.

Sugarpaste gold butterflies on the side of the cake draw out the gold on the carriage. Moreover this cake has a unique design of a short single tier then a 2 layer tier on top, then another short single tier, and finally a 2 layer tier at the top tier.  This works well to focus attention on Cinderella and her carriage.

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Adorable chibi Cinderella piñata carriage cake

Cute Cinderella Cupcakes

Cute Cinderella cake with the mice.



Cinderella Carriage Piñata Cake

Chibi Cinderella Piñata cake

This Cinderella Carriage Piñata cake features a chocolate piñata Cinderella carriage with a cute fondant Cinderella standing beside it.

This wonderful cake was made by C For Cupcakes by Clara.

The carriage is made of white chocolate. Gold trim surrounds the door and the door is gold.  Also, an ornate gold crown decorates the top on the carriage. Also, a gold number 6 tops the crown.  The white wheels have a spiral of gold. In addition, I like the way small fondant orange pumpkins are in front of the carriage.  They are a reminder that the carriage was made from a pumpkin. White fondant curtains are on either side of the door. In addition, the birthday name is written on gold letters on a white fondant banner.

Cinderella Piñata cake Moreover, a small wooden mallet usually comes with it. It is used to smash it open. As soon as this Cinderella Carriage Piñata cake is busted open, the goodies are revealed. In addition, the handle of this mallet is wrapped in blue ribbon to match the blue of Cinderella’s dress.  Chocolate Piñatas often have cake or candy or other goodies inside.

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Magic Must Have Been Used To Create These Charming Cinderella Cupcakes

Cinderella Cake & Cupcakes

This Fabulous Cinderella Carriage Cake and Cupcakes were made by The Clever Little Cupcake Company.

Cinderella and the Prince are standing in front of the blue carriage.

The cake and cupcakes were made using chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream icing.


Cinderella Cupcakes

These Terrific Cinderella cupcakes feature the Fairy Godmother, Drizella Tremaine, Anastasia Tremaine, and Lady Tremaine.


Cinderella Cupcakes

These Cinderella cupcakes feature Jaq and Gus the mice, Lucifer the cat, and Bruno the dog.

The faces of these characters are wonderful.  Lucifer has a scowl on his face and the mice look sweet and friendly.

Here’s a Splendid Blue Cinderella Carriage cake also made by The Clever Little Cupcake Company. 

 Also, check out these wonderful Cinderella Cakes and Cookies and Cupcakes.