Cinderella Castle Cakes

Marvelous Cinderella’s Castle Cake and Cupcakes

Disney Cinderella Castle Cake

This Marvelous Cinderella’s Castle Cake and Cupcakes were made by The Clever Little Cupcake Company. This Disney cake is absolutely Fabulous! 

The spires and roofs are blue and gold. The castle is white with grey doors in the front. There are two green potted trees on either side of the two doors. 

The cake board is green to represent grass. Gold letters in front of the castle say Happy Birthday.

The complimenting cupcakes have blue spools of thread and a yellow tape measure to represent when Cinderella and the mice were trying to make a dress. There orange pumpkins to represent the pumpkins that the Fairy Godmother used to make Cinderella’s carriage. The glass slipper represents Cinderella glass slippers.

The Clever Little Cupcake Company also made this Splendid Cinderella Carriage Cake for this Disney Princess birthday celebration.

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I Want To Live In This Cinderella Castle Cake

Cinderella Castle Cake

There is an often told story about Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World.  The story goes that when Disney World was being built, Walt Disney had Cinderella’s Castle built first.  Why? Because he wanted all the builders to dream big and to see how magical Walt Disney World was going to be.  I don’t know if the story is true, but it is believable because Cinderella’s Castle is simply stunning.  It is one of the prettiest sights in all of Disney World.

Recreating such an iconic and gorgeous building in cake sounds almost impossible. Francine’s Sweet Treats took on this impossible task and the end results are beautiful.  The base of the castle was 24 inches by 24 inches.  The castle was over 36 inches tall.


Cinderella Castle Cake

Notice how the bottom of the Castle is a darker color and you can see the bricks, while the upper half is lighter and much more smooth.  The cake even includes the stained glass window.


Cinderella Castle Cake

The detail on the balcony is wonderful and I really like the white piping above it.


Cinderella Castle Cake

The towers are simply gorgeous!


Cinderella Castle Cake

Is that the Cinderella Castle Suite?


Cinderella Castle Cake

The detail on the upper half of the castle is amazing.  It is hard to believe that most of what you’re looking at in this picture is sugar.  I guess that’s why it looks so sweet. Smile


Cinderella Castle Cake

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Olaf Visits Walt Disney World

Frozen Cake

This wonderful Frozen Birthday Cake was made by Cakes by Carol.  I love the image of Olaf posing in front of Cinderella’s Castle. 

The castle is white with periwinkle blue spires and trim. There are gray flags on top of the spires. There is a clock in front of the Walt Disney World castle. The towers of the castle are white with a brick pattern. The doors in front of the castle are gray with a woodgrain pattern and have lighter gray handles. The inside of Olaf’s mouth is periwinkle blue to match the castle.  The birthday name is written on the cake board in blue letters in front of the castle. There is a blue ribbon around the side of the cake board.

Here are more photos of this gorgeous cake:


Cinderella Castle Cake


Here’s a view of the front of the castle with the clock and blue spires.


Olaf Cake


Olaf is standing in front of the castle. He has a big smile on his face.  He must be happy to be at Walt Disney World in front of Cinderella’s castle.  

Magical Cinderella’s Castle Cake

Cinderella’s Castle Cake

This gorgeous Cinderella’s Castle Cake was made by Charm City Cakes.  Cinderella’s Castle is gorgeous.  I love how the Disney Princess are placed on the cake.  Since it is her castle, Cinderella is at the front.  Snow White is in the wood with an apple.  Ariel is sitting on rocks in the moat.  Jasmine is flying above the castle on the magic carpet.

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