Frozen  –  90+  cakes and cookies featuring Princess Anna, Princess Elsa, Olaf, and other characters from Disney’s Frozen movies.

Many of these cakes have Ann, Elsa, and the ice castle.

In contrast, some of the cakes feature Olaf in summer themes.

Finally, to see Anna and Elsa with other Disney Princesses, check out these wonderful Disney Princess Cakes and Cookies and Cupcakes.

Blue Olaf Cake

Blue Olaf Cake

Blue Olaf Cake

This blue Olaf cake features him with a blue present with silver ribbon.  It is blue with a white snow top. The ribbon was painted with silver lustre dust. The small present could be a petit four. It has a small name tag with the birthday name.

This wonderful cake was made by Steve’s Sweet Catering. Olaf was made using fondant.  He has a cute smile on his face. In addition he has blue shading on his face that matches the tier.  A white ribbon is around the bottom of the cake.

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Olaf Cakesicles

Olaf Cakesicle

Olaf Cakesicle

The temperature is single digits today, so I was in the mood to share something sweet from Frozen. These cute Olaf Cakesicles were made by Світлана.


Olaf Cakesicles

Olaf Cakesicles

There are three different designs:

The Olaf Cakesciles are close-ups of his face. He has black and white eyes that are actually inset into his head. He has an orange button nose. He is grinning and his single tooth is sticking down. Olaf looks so happy, it is hard no to smile looking at these adorable cakesicles. 

The snow cakesicles are white with a light blue top. The blue portion is decorated with nonpareils. They are white, blue, metallic blue and metallic silver.

The snow cakepops are light blue with white snow and a snowflake on them.

These cakesicles and cakepops are so cool! They’re the perfect treat for a cold winter day.

Looking for more cool Frozen Party ideas?

This lovely ombre cake shows Olaf in Summer.

This cute blue and white cake has Olaf visiting Walt Disney World.

These adorable Olaf Chocolate Covered Strawberries include a chocolate breakable heart that reads You’re Worth Melting For.

Olaf Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Olaf Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Olaf Chocolate Covered Strawberries with Breakable Chocolate Heart

These cute Olaf Chocolate Covered Strawberries with a breakable chocolate heart were made by The Berry Shack.

This gift box contains a large blue chocolate breakable heart. It has the adorable phrase – You’re Worth Melting For – written on it with white chocolate.

Secondly, there are three chocolate covered strawberries with the heart. One is covered with white chocolate and has Olaf’s head drawn on it. Another strawberry is light blue with white snow and snowflakes on it. The final strawberry is light blue with white frost on the top.

Thirdly, the packing material for these sweet treats? Mini marshmallows. In addition to being a yummy idea, the white marshmallows match the white writing on the chocolate breakable heart and the white on the strawberries. This is an absolutely adorable set. 

Looking for more chocolate covered strawberry ideas? I’ve featured Baby Yoda and Cookie Monster twice in the past.

This set has 12 Baby Yoda Chocolate Covered Strawberries, while this Valentine’s Day themed set has 6 Baby Yoda Strawberries and a chocolate breakable heart.

In addition, this box includes 12 Cookie Monster Themed Strawberries and this set has a chocolate breakable heart and 6 Cookie Monster Strawberries.

Olaf Piñata Cake By Get Cakes by Enze

Olaf Piñata Cake

Olaf Piñata Cake

This adorable Olaf Piñata Cake was made by Get Cakes by Enze. The piñata is a white ball decorated to look like Olaf. It has coal buttons in the middle of his chest, two sticks for arms, a carrot nose and his eyes, mouth and teeth. He even has a few hairs sticking out of the top of his head. There is white ribbon encircling the middle of the piñata. The cake board is snow white and has an adorable small version of Olaf on it. This is such a cute cake!

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