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Olaf Walking Down Stairs Cake

Olaf Walking Down Stairs-Cake


Olaf Walking Down Stairs-Cake
Olaf Walking Down Stairs Cake

This Olaf walking down stairs cake features a fondant Elsa figure, a hand-painted portrait of Anna, and a fondant Olaf figure walking down ice covered steps just like the ones in Elsa’s ice palace. 

This wonderful cake was made by Kalite Pasta.  Elsa has sugar snow flakes behind her to add to her icy appearance. The white snowflakes match the white icicles, tree, and snows on the rest of the cake.

Elsa Cake Topper

In addition, Elsa has been wonderfully recreated in fondant. 

Collage of Frozen Cake

This two tier cake has a hand-painted portrait of Anna. Also the bottom tier is icy blue with white snow and trees trim.  The icy light blue staircase on the side of this tier has Olaf walking on the stairs.


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Here is a video on how the baker made the fondant Olaf figure.

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