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Splendid Frozen Princess Make-over Cake

Elsa and Olaf Cake

Splendid Frozen Princess Make-over Cake

This splendid Frozen Princess Make-over Cake features Elsa and Olaf.

This wonderful cake was made by Teddy Baker

I like the realistic representation of Elsa.

Firstly, a gold crown is on top of the cake.

Secondly, Queen Elsa’s eyes capture her mood and look just like the character.

In addition, her face is a separate piece of fondant that is attached to the cake. Her hair is made of other pieces of fondant.  I really like her hair.

Thirdly, Olaf is sitting beside her.

Fourthly, fondant lipsticks and make-up brushes are beside the cake.

Fifthly, red nail polish is beside Olaf.

Sixthly, this 2 tier cake is light blue with gold and white snowflakes all over it. The gold matches the crown.

Seventhly, the birthday name is written is gold letter on the cake board. It is is front of Elsa.

Elsa and Olaf Cake

This cake comes in a nice gold cake box.

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