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Adorable Frozen 3rd Birthday Cake

Frozen 3rd Birthday Cake

This absolutely adorable Frozen 3rd Birthday Cake was made by Sourfelly Custom Cakery.


Snowgie Cake Topper

There is a snowgie and the number 3 on top of the castle.  The top of the castle is strung with working lights.


Kristoff and Anna Cake Figures

These figures of Kristoff and Anna are wonderful.  There is a snowgie on Kristoff’s head. You can see more of the castle amazing detail behind these figures.  There are stairs and two different brick patterns.


Anna Cake Figure

Here is a close-up of Anna. Notice the birthday cake beside her.


Elsa Cake Figure



Snowgies Cake Figures

More snowgies. If you look behind the snowgies, it is summer.


Olaf Cake Figure

Oalf and another snowgie. If you look behind them, it is winter. Little touches like these make this one of the coolest Frozen Cakes I’ve seen. Smile

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