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Olaf and Friends Cupcakes

Olaf, Sven & Bruni Cupcakes
Olaf and Friends Cupcakes

These sensational Olaf and Friends Cupcakes were made by Formiga Prendada. They include wonderful figures of Olaf, Sven and Bruni.

Kelen did an amazing job with each of these the three characters.

Olaf is looks like he is made from three snowballs. The bottom one is the largest and has little feet attached. His head is more of an oval and has a mouth, one large buck tooth, a carrot nose, eyes, eyebrows and three little twigs sticking up as hair. Olaf also has three coal buttons and two sticks for arms. The facial expression on Olaf is wonderful.

Like Olaf, Sven is also sitting. His has light brown fur. His feet have white fur and brown hoofs. At his neck, he has a tuft of white fur that almost looks like a beard. The skin on his mouth, nose and ears are brown, while the fur around his eyes is a blueish grey. He has the cutest little antlers. Sven is absolutely adorable.

Bruni is sitting and licking his lips. His skin is two toned. Most of his skin is blue, while his underside is a lighter shade of blue. He has two little holes for a nose and large blue eyes.

All three characters are absolutely terrific.


Sven, Bruni & Olaf Cupcakes

Here is a close-up of Sven and Bruni.

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