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12 Disney Princess Cupcakes

12 Disney Princess Cupcakes
12 Disney Princess Cupcakes

Amanda’s Little Cake Boutique made these amazing 12 Disney Princess Cupcakes. They include Merida, Rapunzel, Jasmine, Aurora, Ariel, Pocahontas, Anna, Elsa, Mulan, Belle, Sophia, and Cinderella.

I really like how Amanda uses the same design for each cupcake – a cute face with hair, an upper body with two arms and their outfit which covers the cupcake their outfit. But Amanda is so talented that she adds little touches to each cupcake so that each Princess looks unique. That is so much harder to do than it looks. A few years ago, I tried duplicating a few of these cupcakes just for fun and failed miserably.  

Here is an example. Elsa and Rapunzel have very similar braided hair. But Rapunzel has a flower in her hair and is wearing her purple dress with the intricate stitching in the front. Elsa has a winter blue dress. So while they have similar heads, these two are instantly recognizable. Every cupcake has this level of attention and detail which is what makes them so magical.

Looking for more stunning cupcake ideas? Here are three other sets from Amanda that I adore.

These Little Mermaid Cupcakes include Ariel, Flounder, Triton and Ursula.

These Cinderella Cupcakes include the carriage, figures of Cinderella and the Prince. Plus, cupcakes featuring eight main characters.

These Cat In The Hat Cupcakes include cupcakes that look like they hopped out of the book, a figure of the Cat in the Hat and a setting and backdrop that all the cupcakes and figures fit on. My words do not do this mindboggling set justice.