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Hooray! We Have Cat In The Hat Cupcakes Today!

Cat In The Hat Cupcakes


I was going to write this post in rhyme

but I stink at rhyming big time

 Plus, there aren’t many words that rhyme with cupcakes


Online, I could only find cupcake, pancakes, puppies, and uptake

 Since when do Puppies and cupcakes rhyme?

Puppies and guppies rhyme

but puppies and cupcakes? I haven’t the time.


Guppies and puppies with cupcakes?

pancakes with uptakes?

or do the puppies and guppies uptake the pancakes and cupcakes?


The Cat in the Hat is a much easier rhyme

There are so many choices, it is almost sublime


The Cat in the Hat

Is not a title to laugh at

How about instead The Vampire Bat with a Wrestling Mat?

 or The Angora Cat with a Cricket Bat?


Compared to Dr. Seuss

I sound like a sick goose

so, I’d better vamoose


Before I go

I wanted you to know

That these stunning treats

by The Clever Little Cupcake Company can’t be beat


Rhyming like Dr. Seuss is nearly impossible

Just like making cupcakes this beautiful is almost not possible


These cupcake are so grand

they’d even be a hit at Custer’s last stand

With all this rhyming and joking, I hope you don’t misunderstand


These cupcakes are amazing

and deserve praising


The cake board and its back

are beautiful enough to give you a heart attack


I’ve no doubt if Dr. Seuss were here today,

about these cupcakes he’s say “hip hip hooray”


Cat In The Hat Cupcakes

Cat In The Hat Cupcakes