Thanksgiving Dinner Charlie Brown and Snoopy style

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Cake

Happy Thanksgiving!

I really enjoy watching the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special every year. One of the classic scene’s from the special is represented by this spectacular cake. Snoopy and Woodstock are in the kitchen preparing toast and popcorn for Thanksgiving dinner at Charlie Brown’s house. A table with bread, butter, toast and a toaster is in the foreground. A large pot of popcorn is cooking on the stove behind them. Woodstock is putting Snoopy’s ear in the toaster instead of a piece of bread. Charlie brown is standing beside the table. This Fabulous Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Cake was made by Haute Cakes and Cookies. This cake was made for A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Food Network Challenge in 2011.

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Cake

Charlie Brown Cake at Food Network Challenge

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving scene

The cake was based on this Charlie Brown Thanksgiving scene.


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