Anna & Elsa & Olaf Cake

Disney Frozen Cake
Ann Elsa Olaf Cake

This Anna & Elsa & Olaf Cake has a fondant Olaf figure on top.  He has a cute grin on his face. 

This wonderful cake was made by Cakemake with Love.

Queen Elsa is hand-painted on a piece of fondant and Princess Anna is hand-painted onto another piece of fondant. The separate pieces are in front of the cake.

The cake is single tier and painted in blue and purple swirls.

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Hand-painted Frozen 5th Birthday Cake

Frozen 5th Birthday Cake
Frozen 5th Birthday Cake

This hand-painted Frozen 5th birthday cake features Anna, Elsa, Olaf where each tier is dedicated to a separate character.

This wonderful cake was made by  Sarah Hariz.

This cake was made to celebrate a 5th birthday. The mixture of colors represent fall and winter.

The top of the cake has an ice structure made of isomalt. Underneath it is the top tier with a terrific hand-painted portrait of Queen Elsa.

Below this tier is a fondant figure of Olaf. He is surrounded by yellow, brown, and orange leaves of fall.  The next tier has a wonderful hand-painted portrait of Princess Anna.

The bottom tier is a fall forest on one side and a winter forest on the other side.  Each of the 3-D trees are made of fondant.

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Disney Frozen Fall & Winter Cake

Disney Frozen Cake
Disney Frozen Fall & Winter Cake

This Disney Frozen fall and Winter cake features Princess Anna and Queen Elsa with contrasting fall and winter colors.

This wonderful cake was made by Ana Brum Biscuit Designer.

I like the way this cake combines the fall colors of autumn leaves on the bottom tier of this cake.  The top tier contains the trees of winter in a white and blue winter scape.  Both of these tiers are a nice contrast to each other. 

The leaves and trees are modeled in sugar paste or fondant. The trees are 3-D and give dimension to the top tier.  Anna and Elsa are painted onto fondant . Elsa matches the top winter tier and Anna matches the fall bottom tier.

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Elsa & Anna Pumpkin

Elsa & Anna Pumpkin
Elsa & Anna Pumpkin

This wonderful Elsa & Anna Pumpkin Carving was created by Robert Kriess. It features Elsa & Anna standing with their shoulders touching each other. Their heads are turned slightly so they are looking looking at each other. Both are smiling. This is an absolutely delightful Frozen pumpkin.

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