Olaf Cakesicles

Olaf Cakesicle

Olaf Cakesicle

The temperature is single digits today, so I was in the mood to share something sweet from Frozen. These cute Olaf Cakesicles were made by Світлана.


Olaf Cakesicles

Olaf Cakesicles

There are three different designs:

The Olaf Cakesciles are close-ups of his face. He has black and white eyes that are actually inset into his head. He has an orange button nose. He is grinning and his single tooth is sticking down. Olaf looks so happy, it is hard no to smile looking at these adorable cakesicles. 

The snow cakesicles are white with a light blue top. The blue portion is decorated with nonpareils. They are white, blue, metallic blue and metallic silver.

The snow cakepops are light blue with white snow and a snowflake on them.

These cakesicles and cakepops are so cool! They’re the perfect treat for a cold winter day.

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This lovely ombre cake shows Olaf in Summer.

This cute blue and white cake has Olaf visiting Walt Disney World.

These adorable Olaf Chocolate Covered Strawberries include a chocolate breakable heart that reads You’re Worth Melting For.

Santa Claus & Friends Cakesicles

This cute cakesicles include Santa, Mrs. Claus, Rudolph and an elf.

Santa Claus & Friends Cakesicles

These cute Santa Claus & Friends Cakesicles were made by Yellow Bee Cake Company. They include cakesicles of Santa, Mrs. Claus, Rudolph and an elf. Vicky made these for Bake and Decorate Mag. I really like how each figure is 3-D. That’s not usual for cakesicles and is one of the reasons these are so lovely.

Santa is wearing his usual Santa hat and jacket. His hair, eye brows, whiskers and beard are all white.

Mrs. Claus also has white hair. Instead of a hair bow, she has holly in her hair. Like her husband, she is wearing a red outfit with a white fur collar.

Rudolph has dark brown fur and his mouth is lighter brown fur. Obviously, he has a big red nose. He has little antlers and he has a piece of holly attached to one of them. He has a red collar with a gold tag on it.

The elf looks young. He has brown hair, freckles and a big smile. He is wearing a green outfit with a red collar and a red hat with green trim. I really like how the colors on his outfit and hat are reversed. It makes his outfit stand out more.

This Christmas Cakesicles are so much fun!

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These two carved cakes are a perfect recreation of Rudolph and Santa Claus from the classic Christmas special.

These Santa and Mrs. Claus Cakesicles are adorable.

This cool Santa Claus Cookie Platter consists of a bunch of cookies that fit together to make a picture of Santa.

Star Wars Cakesicles With Droids, Baby Yoda, Leia

Star Wars Cakecicles

Star Wars Cakesicles With Droids, Baby Yoda, Leia

These Star Wars cakesicles with droids, Baby Yoda, and Leia are adorable. Since most of the characters are predominately white, your attention gets drawn to the brown and green of Baby Yoda.  Also notice the texture of his collar and cuffs.

These wonderful cakesicles were made by gifavarati confeitaria.

In addition, R2-D2 and BB-8 are lying on their back so just the front and sides are decorated. These droids heads may be a separate piece of fondant.

The Princess Leia cakesicle has the classic look with her hair in buns on either side just like in the Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope movie. Her dress is white fondant.

A Stormstrooper cakesicle is covered in white chocolate candy melts and has black and gray fondant details.

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Chibi Star Wars cookies feature Chewbacca, C-3PO, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Fin, Yoda and Rey.

Darth Vader, Yoda, and Leia cupcakes where each character is 2 cupcakes

Star Wars animated series character cookies of Luke, Yoda, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett

Disney Star Wars Mashup cookies with Darth Vader Donald Duck and Luke Skywalker Mickey Mouse,

Gorgeous Sesame Street Cakesicles

Sesame Street Cakesicles

Sesame Street Cakesicles

These amazing Sesame Street Cakesicles were made bySweet Endings by Lulu.  They feature Big Bird, Ernie, Cookie Monster, and Elmo.  These are the most detailed cakesicles I’ve ever seen.  My favorite of this set is Big Bird because his face is amazing. He is so detailed that you can see the feathers on his face.  I also really like how Cookie Monster’s hands are reaching up to hold a cookie to his mouth.  These cakesicles are absolutely wonderful!

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