Star Wars

Star Wars  – 400+ cakes, cookes, cupcakes that feature characters and vehicles from the movies.  This includes all treats that are not just one specific character.

There are a lot of cookies and cakes with many of the characters, droids, and ships.

There’s an impressive assortment of Star Destroyer cakes, X-wing Starfighter cakes, Imperial Shuttle cakes, Landspeeder cakes, a Snowspeeder cake,

There’s quite a few character cakes: even a Rancor cake and Jabba the Hutt cakes, Ewok cakes, and Darth Maul cakes and cookies.

Han Solo in carbonate makes a terrific cake too.

I love Star Wars and I love cakes. I really enjoyed making a 3-D sculpted R2-D2 cake, a 3-D sculpted Republic Gunship cake, a 3-D sculpted Dred Priest cake (red Mandalorian amour), and a 3-D LEGO Death Star cake and an R2-D2 cake.

There are so many terrific cakes and treats from a galaxy far far away that I made categories for specific characters and vehicles listed below:

AT-AT cakes & cookies & pumpkins

BB-8 cakes & cookies & pumpkins

Darth Vader cakes & cookies & pumpkins

Death Star cakes & cookies & pumpkins

Kylo Ren cake & cookies & pumpkins

Millennium Falcon cake & cookies & pumpkins

R2-D2 cakes & cookies & pumpkins 

Stormtropper cakes & cookies & pumpkins

Yoda cakes & cookies & pumpkins

Chewbacca Fruit Pie

Chewbacca Pie

Chewbacca Pie

This Chewbacca fruit pie has a wonderful pie crust version of Chewbacca. He is colored with different shades of brown. Behind him is a pie dough version of the view port of the Millennium Falcon.

This wonderful pie was made by Nancy Baker.  The view port beams and Chewbacca’s eyes and teeth were dusted in powdered sugar to give each one a white color.  I love the way his fur has all of the ridges just like his real fur.  It makes this Star Wars character. In addition the dark purple of the blueberry  pie makes a nice space background for the Millennium Falcon.

 Planning a Star Wars Party? Check out these wonderful Chewbacca Cakes.

This Chewbacca Cake Is The Coolest Thing You’ll See This Week

Adorable Chewbacca Cake

Cute Chewbacca 40th Birthday Cake

Sculpted Funko Pop Chewbacca cake

Chewbacca and Yoda Cake



Princess Leia Pumpkin

Pumpkin carving of Princess Leia wearing her white hooded outfit from A New Hope

Princess Leia Pumpkin

This wonderful Princess Leia Pumpkin was carved by Pumpkin Muse. It features Princess Leia in her hooded white outfit from the beginning of A New Hope.

Christy did a wonderful job with the carving and it bring back memories:

I worked in a department store in high school and college. A month or two before The Empire Strikes Back came out, our store was overflowing with Empire Strikes Back toys and merchandise. I knew what ever major character looked like before I saw the movie in the theater.

A New Hope was different. No one knew how successful it was going to be, so there wasn’t any toys or merchandise until after the movie became a hit. So, when I saw A New Hope in theater, I’d never heard of or seen images of Leia, Han, Chewie, Luke, Darth Vader or the droids. There have been a lot of edits to A New Hope over the years, but if I remember correctly – in the original version, the first time you see Leia, she is wearing this white outfit. She is hooded and stooped over giving R2-D2 the message for Obi-Wan Kenobi. It is a great introduction because she isn’t introduced beforehand. You have no idea who she is. She is even hooded so you barely see her face. Because she is a mystery, you want to learn more about her.

“Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.”

If you can’t tell it from this post, I love Star Wars and have featured many great Star Wars pumpkins in the past.

This awesome pumpkin pits Star Trek’s Enterprise against Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon.

This cool pumpkin features a side view of Boba Fett with his blaster drawn.

This amazing Baby Yoda carving is 3-D. The pumpkin shell is the pram and Baby Yoda is inside it.

3-D Baby Yoda Pumpkin

3-D pumpkin carving of Baby Yoda in his pram

3-D Baby Yoda Pumpkin

This amazing 3-D Baby Yoda Pumpkin was made by Marc Evan from Maniac Pumpkins. It features Grogu in his pram. The detail on Baby Yoda is wonderful.

I really like how his eyes are the only part colored in because that becomes the focal point. When you look at the pumpkin, it looks like Yoda is looking back at you.

My favorite part of the design is the way Marc carved the pumpkin so that it reminds you of Baby Yoda’s pram. It is clearly a pumpkin. But, because of the way it is shaped and has joints on the sides and control buttons on the front, it is also instantly recognizable as Grogu’s pram. This is such a brilliant design.

Looking for more Baby Yoda pumpkin carvings?

Here is another Baby Yoda pumpkin carved by Marc.

This is a pair of pumpkins – one of the Mandalorian and one of Baby Yoda.

The different textures on this carving of Grogu is amazing.

This pumpkin of Baby Yoda in his pram is so detailed that you can see the hair on his head.

BB-8 Piñata Cake

BB-8 Piñata Cake

BB-8 Piñata Cake

This wonderful BB-8 Piñata Cake was made by D’Sabroso Designer Cakes. It was made for a fifth birthday.  

The piñata is a ball decorated like BB-8’s body. It has the orange and silver circles on each side. On top of the body is a half circle which is BB-8’s head. It is white with silver and orange trim. It has two antenna sticking up from it and two black sensors which look like eyes.

When you break open the chocolate piñata, it is filled with different sweets.

Look for more Piñata Cake Ideas? I’ve featured Piñata starring BelleCaptain America, Cinderella and her carriageHedwigMinnie Mouse, OlafSnoopySpongeBob and Stitch