Star Wars

Star Wars  – 400+ cakes, cookes, cupcakes that feature characters and vehicles from the movies.  This includes all treats that are not just one specific character.

There are a lot of cookies and cakes with many of the characters, droids, and ships.

There’s an impressive assortment of Star Destroyer cakes, X-wing Starfighter cakes, Imperial Shuttle cakes, Landspeeder cakes, a Snowspeeder cake,

There’s quite a few character cakes: even a Rancor cake and Jabba the Hutt cakes, Ewok cakes, and Darth Maul cakes and cookies.

Han Solo in carbonate makes a terrific cake too.

I love Star Wars and I love cakes. I really enjoyed making a 3-D sculpted R2-D2 cake, a 3-D sculpted Republic Gunship cake, a 3-D sculpted Dred Priest cake (red Mandalorian amour), and a 3-D LEGO Death Star cake and an R2-D2 cake.

There are so many terrific cakes and treats from a galaxy far far away that I made categories for specific characters and vehicles listed below:

AT-AT cakes & cookies & pumpkins

BB-8 cakes & cookies & pumpkins

Darth Vader cakes & cookies & pumpkins

Death Star cakes & cookies & pumpkins

Kylo Ren cake & cookies & pumpkins

Millennium Falcon cake & cookies & pumpkins

R2-D2 cakes & cookies & pumpkins 

Stormtropper cakes & cookies & pumpkins

Yoda cakes & cookies & pumpkins

BB-8 Piñata Cake

BB-8 Piñata Cake

BB-8 Piñata Cake

This wonderful BB-8 Piñata Cake was made by D’Sabroso Designer Cakes. It was made for a fifth birthday.  

The piñata is a ball decorated like BB-8’s body. It has the orange and silver circles on each side. On top of the body is a half circle which is BB-8’s head. It is white with silver and orange trim. It has two antenna sticking up from it and two black sensors which look like eyes.

When you break open the chocolate piñata, it is filled with different sweets.

Look for more Piñata Cake Ideas? I’ve featured Piñata starring BelleCaptain America, Cinderella and her carriageHedwigMinnie Mouse, OlafSnoopySpongeBob and Stitch

Chibi Star Wars 1st Birthday Cake

Chibi Star Wars Birthday Cake

Chibi Star Wars Birthday Cake

This chibi Star Wars 1st birthday cake features chibi fondant figures of Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, C-3Po, Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper, the Millennium Falcon, BB-8, and a Tie Fighter. The cake is covered in black fondant. There is a gold number 1 on the top of the cake for a 1st birthday celebration.  The birthday name is written in gold letters on the cake. Fondant planets surround the cake.

This wonderful cake was made by Leeadinda.

For more Star Wars Party Ideas:

Chibi Star Wars cookies feature Chewbacca, C-3PO, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Fin, Yoda and Rey.

Darth Vader, Yoda, and Leia cupcakes where each character is 2 cupcakes

Star Wars animated series character cookies of Luke, Yoda, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett

Disney Star Wars Mashup cookies with Darth Vader Donald Duck and Luke Skywalker Mickey Mouse,

Art Nouveau Princess Leia Cake

Art Nouveau Princess Leia Cake

Art Nouveau Princess Leia Cake

This lovely Art Nouveau Princess Leia Cake was made by Jam Cakes. The cake is a single tier barrel cake colored gold. Kimmie used this as the canvas for her wonderful cutouts. The design is a circle inset with another circle. The outer circle is blue and is filled with pearl like white circles. Where the top most pearl would be is the Rebel Alliance logo. The inner circle is dark blue and has a terrific image of Princess Leia lounging on a small Death Star. Above this is a black and blue ribbon that says Leia on it.

Kimmie did an AMAZING job with this cake. The design is beautiful.

Looking for more Princess Leia party ideas? Check out these:

These cute double cupcakes feature Leia, Darth Vader & Yoda

Star Wars Cakesicles With Leia, Droids & Baby Yoda

These adorable cookies show Leia & Rey when they were kids



Star Wars Droids Cake Pops

Star Wars Droid Cake Pops

These cute Star Wars Droid Cake Pops were made by Crumble and Co for a baby shower. They feature R2-D2, C-3PO & BB-8.

BB-8 Cake Pop

BB-8 Cake Pop

The hand drawn details on BB-8 is wonderful.


C-3PO Cake Pop

C-3PO Cake Pop

C-3PO’s face is terrific. I really like the shinny metallic gold used. Sometimes it can be hard getting a metallic gold without it coming out really dark.

R2-D2 Cake Pop

R2-D2 Cake Pop

Like BB-8, the hand drawn details on R2 are fantastic. 

This is such a cute set of cake pops.

Looking for more Star Wars Cake Pop ideas? Take a look at these:

Cute Baby Yoda and Pod Cake Pops

Spectacular Star Wars Cake Pops. This set includes an incredible cake pop of a Tusken Raider sitting on top of a Bantha. 

Star Wars Cake Pops featuring Yoda, The Death Star, and R2-D2.