Mandalorian Cookie  

 The Mandalorian Cookie

Welcome to The Mandalorian & Baby Yoda Cookie Week!

To celebrate the second season of The Mandalorian on Disney+,  I wanted feature some of my favorite Mandalorian & Baby Yoda cookies.  Even though some  of these have been featured in the past, I thought it was worth showing them again.

Firstly, I’m starting with this terrific Mandalorian Cookie.

Judy’s Cookies made it. This cookie looks just like a poster due to the intricate detail and use of color. As a result, the image of the Mandalorian walking towards us with the sun behind him is beautiful.

In order to create the beautiful scene on this cookie, the background was airbrushed, then pressure-piped with royal icing. Lastly it was hand-painted with AmeriColor gels and The Sugar Art elite dusts.


Mandalorian Cookie

As a result, the intricate detail of the Mandalorian armor is amazing and the sunset in the background looks terrific.


Mandalorian Cookie

Check back tomorrow for another  Mandalorian & Baby Yoda cookie. 

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Rancor Pumpkin

This amazing Rancor Pumpkin was carved Maniac Pumpkin Carvers.  Rumor has it that it was created for a well know Hutt who wanted to decorate his palace for Halloween.  The detail on the Rancor is absolutely wonderful. This is one pumpkin I wouldn’t want to face at the bottom of a pit!

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Kylo Ren Pumpkin

This stunning Kylo Ren Pumpkin was created by Rachael Kolby. It features Kylo Ren in his armor with his crossguard lightsaber.  On the two sides of him are his parents Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo. The black and white symbol behind them is the logo for the First Order. The detail on the characters is absolutely stunning and I really like how Kylo’s lightsaber looks like it is on fire. This is such a gorgeous pumpkin.

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