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Yoda – 60 cakes and cookies with Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian and Yoda from the Star Wars movies.

The baby has cookies, cupcakes, and cake pops.  The cake pops have him in his pod. There is a terrific cake of him that includes a video on how to make it.

Many sculptures of the original are composed entirely of cake.  He is holding a light saber in some and a cane in others.

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Grogu Pear Tart

Grogu Pear Tart

This Grogu pear tart features a cookie Grogu on top of a blue background created by layers of pears and gold cookie stars. This wonderful pie was made by Inspired To Taste. The pear tart has the taste of almond paste as a predominate flavor for the crust. In addition juicy poached pears are infused

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