Baby Yody Chocolate Easter Egg

Cute Baby Yoda Chocolate Easter Egg

This Cute Baby Yoda Chocolate Easter Egg is perfect to give a Star Wars fan.   

This wonderful chocolate Easter egg was made by Grand Order of Divine Sweets

This Baby Yoda is dressed in fondant clothes. His eyes, ears, and nose are also fondant.


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Baby Yoda Cookies

Baby Yoda (Grogu) Cookies

I made these Disney Baby Yoda cookies for a nice little boy who loves Disney’s The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda.

I looked online and found two  How to draw Baby Yoda videos that I liked. I based my cookies on these tutorials.

I wanted one that was cute and faced front. I liked the simplicity and the shading and coloring of this drawing. I also liked the way the inside of the ears were shaded in a golden brown, and the way the robe was multiple shades of golden brown and brown. 


In addition, I based my second cookie on this pose of Baby Yoda and colored it to match the first one. I liked the way he look up at the sky in this pose.

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Santa Baby Yoda Cookie

Santa Baby Yoda Cookie

What better way to celebrate a Star Wars Holiday season than with this Santa Baby Yoda cookie.

The cutest alien child around is dressed up for Christmas in his red suit and hat.

This wonderful cookie was made by Honey Bunny Cookie Shop.

I can just see him using the Force to get some yummy cookies and milk that are left out for Santa’s visit as he helps Jolly ole St. Nick deliver presents.

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Baby Yoda birthday cookies

These cute Baby Yoda 10th Birthday cookies feature him and a baby Ewok.

These wonderful cookies were made by Little Cake Confections


baby yoda in pod cookie

This adorable cookie shows him in his pod.



Baby Yoda with cupcake cookie

He’s holding a pink cupcake to give to the birthday person on this cookie. Green lines represent his wrinkles.


He’s wearing a purple birthday hat and the cookie has the words Your Birthday It Is.




These pink flowers match the ones that are on the other baby Ewok cookie.


Baby Ewok Cookie

This baby Ewok is standing beside a number 10. It look like sugar crystals were placed on top of 10 to give it a textured look.


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