Yoda – 60 cakes and cookies with Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian and Yoda from the Star Wars movies.

The baby has cookies, cupcakes, and cake pops.  The cake pops have him in his pod. There is a terrific cake of him that includes a video on how to make it.

Many sculptures of the original are composed entirely of cake.  He is holding a light saber in some and a cane in others.

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Yoda & Millennium Falcon Chocolate Pie

Yoda & Millennium Falcon Chocolate Pie

Yoda & Millennium Falcon Chocolate Pie

This Yoda & Millennium Falcon chocolate pie has a chocollate ganache filling and a shortbread crust

This wonderful pie was made by Frollaland. The dough was colored grey, blue and black and cut out in shapes to build the Millennium Falcon. The ship is flying on a chocolate ganache space filled with white stars and planets.  In addition, Yoda was built from green and beige colored dough put together in the shape of Yoda. This type of pie is also known as a tart.

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Pink Baby Yoda Cookies

Pink Baby Yoda Cookies

I made these cookies for my niece’s baby shower.  The couple are big fans of Baby Yoda and have named their little girl Rose.  I made round cookies with pink royal icing roses and airbrushed leaves.  Also, I hand-painted Baby Yoda cookies. The first one had the words Baby Rose above and below the pram.  In addition, I painted a rose petal pattern on the second cookie. I like the textured effect of the royal icing.


Pink Baby Yoda Cookies

Pink Baby Yoda Cookies

Also, I made 2 additional Baby Yoda cookies with a pink pram. 


Pink Baby Yoda Cookies

I made a pink border to match the pink roses on the cookies.


Pink Rose Baby Shower Cookies

Moreover, I designed a custom stencil for these cookies using Cricut Design Space. I divided the design into 2 stencils. I used the first stencil to airbrush on the leaves and frame. Next I used the 2nd stencil to make the pink royal icing roses and the word baby.  I realized after I made the stencil that I had not bridged the letter B in Baby.  This is why it does not have holes in the letter.

Pink Rose Baby Shower Cookies

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Baby Yoda Chocolate covered apples

Baby Yoda Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I also made these Hand-painted Baby Yoda Cookies 

Baby Yoda Candy Apples

Baby Yoda Chocolate Apple

Baby Yoda Chocolate Apple

These Baby Yoda candy apples are covered in chocolate & caramel. They were made for a boys 6th Birthday Celebration.

These wonderful apples were made by Mara Sweet Details. It looks like the apple is covered in black colored chocolate candy.  Gray fondant was used to make the pod pram. Baby Yoda, Grogu, is also made using green and brown fondant.

Baby Yoda Caramel Apple

Here’s several of these Star War candy apples packaged in clear cellophane boxes.

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Yoda Chocolate Valentine Strawberries

Yoda Chocolate Strawberries

Yoda Valentine Chocolate Strawberries

This is the 4th of 14 Valentine posts ending on Valentine’s Day.  This post focuses on chocolate which is a perfect Valentine’s gift for special someone.

These Yoda Valentine chocolate strawberries have green and beige chocolate covered strawberries that are shaped to look like Yoda. A green chocolate piñata cake is beside them. It has the words, YODA ONE FOR ME. A wooden mallet is below to help break the piñata.

These wonderful strawberries were made by The Berry Shack.

These are cute for a Valentine’s gift for a Star Wars fan.

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