Yoda – 60 cakes and cookies with Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian and Yoda from the Star Wars movies.

The baby has cookies, cupcakes, and cake pops.  The cake pops have him in his pod. There is a terrific cake of him that includes a video on how to make it.

Many sculptures of the original are composed entirely of cake.  He is holding a light saber in some and a cane in others.

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Yoda Chocolate Valentine Strawberries

Yoda Chocolate Strawberries

Yoda Valentine Chocolate Strawberries

This is the 4th of 14 Valentine posts ending on Valentine’s Day.  This post focuses on chocolate which is a perfect Valentine’s gift for special someone.

These Yoda Valentine chocolate strawberries have green and beige chocolate covered strawberries that are shaped to look like Yoda. A green chocolate piñata cake is beside them. It has the words, YODA ONE FOR ME. A wooden mallet is below to help break the piñata.

These wonderful strawberries were made by The Berry Shack.

These are cute for a Valentine’s gift for a Star Wars fan.

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White Winter Baby Yoda Cake

Baby Yoda Cake

Baby Yoda Cake

This white winter Baby Yoda cake is a single tier cake with a terrific fondant Baby Yoda on top.  It is winter white with light brown / beige  stucco leaves on the side. a round wooden name plaque is on the side.  Chocolate logs on either side of Baby Yoda add to the winter feel of the cake.  The green leaves  on the cake match Baby Yoda and draws the focus to Grogu. Chocolate brown is dripping down the side. The brown blends well with Baby Yoda’s light brown robe.

This wonderful cake was made byBake A Cake.

The logs, chocolate berries, and light brown leaves give it a very rustic feel.

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Santa Baby Yoda Cookies

Santa Baby Yoda Cookies

Santa Baby Yoda Cookies

These wonderful Santa Baby Yoda Cookies were made by La Media Naranjaiqq. These Christmas Cookies include red and white mittens with white snowflakes on them, a green Christmas tree trimmed in white, candy canes that are pink and red and two adorable Baby Yoda cookies. Baby Yoda is wearing a Santa hat and jacket and holding a wrapped Christmas present.

I also really like how these cookies were photographed. The primary colors of these cookies are the Christmas colors – red, white and green. So around the cookie box are red bells, and a red and white Christmas Tree and heart. As a neutral color, there is also a silver bulb and silver garland. These little flourishes make the colors of the cookies stand out even more.

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Santa Baby Yoda Fruit Pie

Baby Yoda Fruit Pie

Santa Baby Yoda Fruit Pie

This Santa Baby Yoda Pie was made entirely of fresh fruit.

This wonderful food art was made by Edible Food Art for Kids.

His face, ears, and feet were made using green melon.  His hat and jacket are red watermelon.

The white around his sleeves and cap are white melon. His eyebrows are kiwi. In addition, his yellow scarf looks like pineapple. 

Moreover his eye look like black grapes and his nose looks like a blueberry.  It’s amazing that fresh fruit can be put together into such a cute Star Wars figure.

Furthermore, the background is black and white sesame seeds.

Baby Yoda Fruit Pie

Here’s the start of this edible creation.

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