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Luca Chocolate Covered Apples

Luca Candy Apples

These delicious Luca Candy Apples were made by Mara Sweet Details. They feature Luca Paguro, Alberto Scorfano and Giulia Marcovaldo. Since Luca and Alberto are “sea monsters” half of their face looks human, while the other half looks like their actual selves. The apples are dipped in ocean blue chocolate. They have face sticks and

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Baby Yoda Candy Apples

Baby Yoda Candy Apples

These Baby Yoda Candy Apples are covered in chocolate & caramel. They were made for a boys 6th Birthday Celebration. These wonderful apples were made by Mara Sweet Details. It looks like the apple is covered in black colored chocolate candy.  Gray fondant was used to make the pod pram. Baby Yoda, Grogu, is also

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Cars Themed Candy Apples

Cars Themed Candy Apples

Yesterday, I featured wonderful Cars Themed Chocolate Covered Oreos made by Sweetly Dipped Confections. So today, I’m featuring Brandi’s matching Cars themed Candy Apples. Since candied apples are usually red, making Lightning McQueen themed apples is wonderful idea. There are two apple designs, one is Lightning McQueen’s face with his eyes and mouth. The other

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