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Cars – cakes and cookies featuring characters from Disney’s Cars like Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater, Flo’s Diner, Doc Hudson, and others

Cars Cakes On A Stick

Cars Cakes On A Stick

Formiga Prendada makes the cutest cakes on a stick. In the past, I’ve featured her sets with Moana and Winnie the Pooh. Today, I’m sharing her Cars cakes on a stick. This cute set include Lightning McQueen, Mater, Sally, Sheriff and Fillmore.   There are three things that make Kelen’s cakes on a stick so

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Lightning McQueen Cake

3-D Lightning McQueen Cake

This 3-D Lightning McQueen cake is a sculptured car cake of him. There is a traffic light nearby. He is on a road. The birthday name is written in white letters on the green grass on the cake board. This wonderful cake was made by MileBian by Lucia Loro . Here’s a video showing how

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Cars Themed Candy Apples

Cars Themed Candy Apples

Yesterday, I featured wonderful Cars Themed Chocolate Covered Oreos made by Sweetly Dipped Confections. So today, I’m featuring Brandi’s matching Cars themed Candy Apples. Since candied apples are usually red, making Lightning McQueen themed apples is wonderful idea. There are two apple designs, one is Lightning McQueen’s face with his eyes and mouth. The other

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