Disney Cars Cake

Lightning McQueen and Mater Cake

This marvelous Lightning McQueen and Mater cake shows how a buttercream cake can be used to create a terrific edible portrait and sculpture of them driving in the hills near Radiator Springs.

This wonderful cake was made by Cake Make With Love.

Firstly, I like the way this artist combines 2 dimensional drawings with 3 dimensional objects to give the entire cake more dimension.

Secondly, notice how the rock on the top of the cake and the slab on top is 3 dimensional. It was most likely made using cake or rice Krispies treats. The bottom of it is painted to onto the top of the cake to blend in the 2 dimensional with the 3 dimensional. The green cactuses are dimensional and were probably made using fondant.

Thirdly, it looks like Mater and Lighting were hand-painted on a piece of gumpaste and attached to the cake. This allows the cake to stay covered in buttercream and to have a hand-painting of Mater and Lightning.

Fourthly, the cake is buttercream and the top half is sky blue to represent the sky and the bottom is brown to represent the ground.

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Disney Cars Cookies

Disney Cars Cookies

I made these Disney Cars cookies featuring Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater, Luigi, Guido, and the Cars symbol for a Christmas present for two of my great nephews.

Steps On How to make these cookies:

First, I looked for a design that could be placed onto a 3 inch round cookie.


The OKIDOKIDS video above is a nice tutorial on how to draw these Disney Cars characters.

Second, I cut out round cookies with a 3 inch cookie cutter and baked them.

Third, I flooded them with white royal icing and let it dry completely.

Fourth, I drew the design of each character onto each cookie.


Black and White Disney Cars Cookies

Black and White Disney Cars Cookies


Fifth,  I added royal icing and painted them. The royal icing gave the characters color and dimension. This was the first step after the flooded cookies dried.

Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater Cookies

Lightning McQueen &Tow Mater Cookies

First, I made a Lightning McQueen cookie using red royal icing for his body and white royal icing for his headlights.  Next I painted the headlights yellow and gray. 

Second, I made the Tow Mater cookie using medium stiff brown royal icing to give him a rough appearance to show his paint is older and rusting. 


Luigi and Guido Cookies

Luigi and Guido Cookies

Third, I painted the Luigi cookie yellow and painted his headlights, mirrors, hubcaps, and bumper silver. Next, I made his hat using black royal icing.

Fourth, the I painted the Guido cookie blue, and his fork-lift was black royal icing.


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Disney Cars Cookies

These Terrific Disney Cars Cookies include a hand-painted Lightning McQueen cookie and Tow Mater Cookie.

I like the tire cookies that are with them.

These wonderful cookies were made by FondanEli.

Lightning McQueen Cookie

The artist uses different shades of red and white highlights to give Lightning McQueen depth. 

Tow Mater Cookie

The Tow Mater cookie uses multiple shades of brown with green highlights to show the rust and aging paint on Mater.

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Lightning McQueen and Doc Hudson Cake

This terrific Lightning McQueen and Doc Hudson Cake has excellent edible models of these Disney Cars characters.

The cake is blue to represent the sky. There is brown dirt underneath the cars.

This terrific cake was made by Tatyana Kitina. Brown buttes and green cacti are around the side of the cake.

The outer part of the cake board is gray to represent the road. There is a Route 66 road sign beside the cake.

This reminds me of Cars Land inside Disneyland Park.  I highly recommend riding Radiator Springs Racers when you visit Disneyland in California.  It’s a fun ride.

Also, check out these wonderful Disney Cars Cakes and Cookies.