Terrific Deadpool , Cthulhu, and Stormtrooper Cupcakes

Deadpool Cupcakes

These Terrific Deadpool, Cthulhu, and Stormtrooper Cupcakes are a great way to celebrate a gaming fan’s birthday.

These Gaming Cupcakes were made by Regali Kitchen. These Great cupcakes were made for a thirteen year old boy’s birthday party.

These game cupcakes were made using dark chocolate cupcakes.


Deadpool cupcake

This Deadpool cupcake shows this Merc with a Mouth ready to help celebrate a birthday.


Stormtrooper Cupcake

This Stormtrooper Cupcake shows a blaster in the Stormtroopers hand.


Shadows of Brimstone Cupcake

This Shadows of Brimstone Cupcake shows a tentacle from Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients board game. Shadows of Brimstone is a dungeon- crawl board game that is set in the Old West.


Cthulhu Cupcake

This Cthulhu cupcake features Cthulhu sitting on a silver perch. Cthulhu was created by H.P. Lovecraft.

Superb Stormtrooper 3-D Cookie Collage

Stormtrooper cookies

This Superb Stormtrooper 3-D Cookie Collage features a Stormtrooper surrounded by black stars. These Splendid Star Wars cookies were made by Layde Cakes.

The baker made this Star Wars Cookie collage for May 6th: Revenge of the Sixth. It was for a Star Wars themed art show at a local tattoo shop in San Jose, California.  Sugar cookies were layered on top of one another to make the Stormtrooper. Royal icing was also used. Black galaxy star cookies surround the Stormtrooper.

These cookies were placed on a half-sheet board to give this a dimension of approximately 13 inches by 18 inches.

The Invasion of The Stormtrooper Mini-Cakes

Storm Trooper Cake

These Fabulous Stormtrooper mini cakes were made by Jacqui Kelly from Totally Sugar.  Each Stormtrooper helmet is filled with rainbow cake layers of purple, red, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

Who knew that the inside of a Stormtrooper helmet could be so colorful!


Storm Trooper Cake  toppers

The bodies look like they were made using a LEGO figure mold. It’s amazing that these Stormtroopers can remain standing since their heads are so much bigger than their bodies. 


Storm Trooper Cake Pops 3

These six edible Star Wars characters are ready to march into a Star Wars party celebration. 

Marvelous Stormtrooper Cake

Storm Trooper Cake

This Marvelous Stormtrooper Cake was made by Cake Central Member Itty Bitty Bakery.  This Star Wars cake was made to celebrate a four year old birthday. The birthday name and age are outlined in yellow, just like the Star Wars logo.

Star Wars Cake

Side view of Stormtrooper helmet cake