LEGO Batman Cake made by Mike's Amazing Cakes

Today is Batman Day! To celebrate, throughout the day, I’ve been sharing four of my favorite Batman Cakes. My fourth and final cake of the day is this fun LEGO Batman Cake which I first shared way back in 2013.

This amazing LEGO Batman Cake was made by Mike’s Amazing Cakes.  This is the 2nd of Mike McCarey’s cakes I’ve shared today. Mike also made the amazing Batcave cake I shared earlier.  This stunning LEGO Cake was 36 inches tall.  I’ve never seen a LEGO minifigure that looked more delicious.

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LEGO Batman Cake

These Marvelous LEGO Batman Cake and Cookie Pops were made by Marzia Caruso.

LEGO Batman is standing on top of this multi-tier cake. A number 6 is beside him. The Batman logo is on the side of the top tier of the cake.

Multicolored LEGO bricks are on top of the bottom tier.

Around the side are building silhouettes. Robin and Batgirl are standing beside the cake.

The birthday name is in yellow letters on the cake board.

LEGO Batman Cake

Close-up of LEGO Robin

LEGO Batman Cake

Close-up of LEGO Batman

LEGO Batman cookie pops

The Batman cookie pops were served with the cake.  There are cookies of the Bat Symbol, the number 6, LEGO Batman’s face, and LEGO Batman.

Batman Cookie pops

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LEGO Flash Cake

This Splendid LEGO Flash Cake was made by Katy B’s Creative Cakes.   This LEGO figure is speeding in to wish this four year old a Happy Birthday. 

The cake has the classic LEGO hands. Flash has painted on muscles just like the figure. His lightning bolt emblem looks like it was made using fondant or modeling chocolate. He is wearing his mask and yellow boots.

This is a cute cake for a Flash fan.