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Great Stardew Valley Cake

Stardew Valley Cake

Stardew Valley Cake

Sweet Avenue Cakery made this wonderful Stardew Valley Cake.

This is a two tear cake. The top tier has the Stardew Valley logo, mountains and clouds. The bottom tier has the house, mill, silo, trees and animals.

When you launch Stardew Valley, you see the valley and clouds above it. That is quickly replaced with the Stardew Valley logo and the options to load an existing game or to create a new one.  The top tier does a wonderful job of recreating those opening screens.

For most of the game, you are in one of three locations – your farm, Pelican Town or deep in a mine. The bottom tier of recreates your farm. It has your house, your mill (where you mill flour, rice and sugar) and your silo (where you store hay to feed your animals). There are also two trees and animals including a cow, chicken, and your cat.

If you’ve never played Stardew Valley, I highly recommend it. It is my favorite video game.

As you can probably tell from this terrific cake, the heart of Stardew Valley is a charming farming simulator. You plant crops and maintain them, raise animals and cook, fish and build stuff. When you get lonely or need supplies you go into Pelican town and interact with the people who live there. It is a extremely charming and relaxing game.

There are three things which really make this game exceptional. First, there are a lot of fantasy elements in this game. There are quests to complete, mines with monsters and treasures, and magical characters to interact with.

Second, there is no wrong way to play the game. Don’t feel like farming? Skip it and spend a few seasons mining or fishing. Love farming? You can do nothing but farm and still have a wonderful time. 

Third, the story and world evolves over time. Without spoiling anything, as you interact with the town and the people in it, they change because of your interaction.

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Awesome Street Fighter Cake

Ryu Street Fighter Cake

Awesome Street Fighter Cake

This Awesome Street Fighter Cake features Ryu.  

This wonderful cake was made by Little Cherry Cake Company

I really like the wood and stone combination and the color combinations on this cake.

Firstly, the cake board and the bottom of the cake are grey stone made of fondant.

Secondly, the top of the cake is made of fondant wood planks.

Thirdly, the scene behind Ryu has a gray stone wall and brown buildings in the background.

Fourthly, the sky is golden yellow and matches the yellow in the writing. 

Fifthly, the red in the writing is drawn out by the red gloves.

Ryu Street Fighter Cake

Sixthly, the black border around the scene on top of the cake matches the black border of the cake board and the black background behind Ryu.

It’s terrific that the birthday boy is also named Ryu.

Street Fighter is a video game where the player is Ryu, a Japanese martial artist. He competes in a tournament called Street Fighter which is an international fighting tournament in the game.

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Star Wars Meets Pokémon

Star Wars Meets Pokémon

These wonderful Star Wars Meets Pokémon macarons were made by Phay Shing. She made this for someone who loves to read and is a fan of both Star Wars and Pokémon. Phay wrote a post about these wonderful macarons on her blog – Loving Creations for You.

Everything, including the armchairs, lampshade and floor rug, is made out of macarons.  Since she needs so many colors and for her macarons to be sturdy, Phay used swiss meringue. Here is her recipe for swiss meringue.

The arms chairs were made using raspberry flavored macaron shells and filling by adding freeze dried raspberry powder. Phay replaced some of the white chocolate with cocoa butter to make the filling even less sweet. She made a royal icing that matched the color of the pieces to stick them together.

Phay added the detail to the characters with edible markers and paint made by dissolving gel food coloring in vodka.

The base macaron was a 15 cm circle filled with dark chocolate ganache and raspberry ganache.