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LEGO Loot Llama Cake Topper Tutorial

LEGO Loot Llama Cake Topper
LEGO Loot Llama Cake Topper

This LEGO Loot Llama Cake Topper tutorial will list the steps that I used to make this cake topper for my LEGO Loot Llama Cake that I made for Icing Smiles. I will post a tutorial on how to make the LEGO Fortnite Cake next week.

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The first thing I did was, I printed out a picture of the LEGO Loot Llama that was the size I wanted my finished fondant LEGO Loot Llama cake topper to be. I then cut all my fondant pieces to fit that shape so the all the proportions would be correct. 

Making the core of the LEGO Loot Llama.  

In addition, for the core I made 2 square chocolate truffles and glued them together with chocolate to form a solid rectangle as the base for the Loot Llama.  This way there was not a huge amount of fondant that had to dry. Also since the core was chocolate, I could insert a cocktail stick into it to place the head if needed.  I covered the truffles in purple fondant to make a fondant covered rectangle as the base for the figure. 

After that I added fondant legs to the rectangle and turned it upside down to dry.

Here a front view picture with the legs added.  

Adding additional features

Next, I rolled out fondant an even thickness by using Fat Daddio’s Fondant & Dough Leveler Strips . This way the pieces would look be more like uniform LEGO brick pieces when cut out.  

After that  I used the template and a scalpel to cut out fondant pieces for LEGO bricks and parts that made up the LEGO Loot Llama. I really like the Swann Morton scalpel blades.  They are cheap and easy to replace when they get dull. 

Here’s a picture of the front with the pieces for the neck added.

In addition, here’s a side view of the LEGO Loot Llama with the neck added.

And here’s a rear view.

Also to make the gray LEGO brick on top and the brown one of the side, I used a #10 Wilton decorating tip to cut out the circles that are on the studs on top of every LEGO. brick. 

Also here is side view with the brown and gray LEGO bricks added to the fondant LEGO Loot Llama.  In addition the head in this picture was rolled to a uniform thickness and cut to the shape of the head.  Next I trimmed the back and added black fondant.

LEGO Fortnite Cake

Here’s a picture of the completed LEGO Fortnite Cake.

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