Join the Duck Side – We Have Cookies

Star Wars Disney Mashup Cookies

Join the Duck Side – We have cookies.  I made these Disney Star Wars Mashup cookies for my son who is a big Disney and Star Wars fan.

I found a picture that I really liked by Deviant Art – Photon nmo. That picture has Mickey Mouse dressed as Luke Skywalker and Donald Duck as Darth Vader. Duck Stormtroopers are behind him.  Donald is holding a red lightsaber and Mickey is holding a green lightsaber.  Behind Mickey on the original artwork is Nemo as Admiral Ackbar.  I love the words on this which say on one side : ‘Come to the Duck Side.’ – – and on the other side  ‘It’s a Mouse Trap.’

Disney Star Wars Mashup Cookies

My Mickey Mouse Luke Skywalker cookie and Donald Duck Darth Vader cookie and Duck Stormtrooper Cookie are based on the drawing by Photon nmo.


Disney Star Wars Mashup Cookies

Furthermore, I based the Goofy C3PO cookie and the Stitch Yoda cookie on Disney Star Wars cookies by Semi Sweet Designs.

Star Wars Disney Mashup Cookies

Here’s a close-up of the Goofy C3PO mashup cookie. He is paired with a LEGO R2-D2.  The Mickey Mouse Luke Skywalker mashup cookie is paired with a LEGO Princess Leia figure.

Stitch Yoda Cookie

In addition, here’s a close-up of the Stitch Yoda Mashup cookie beside a LEGO Yoda figure. The Mickey Mouse cookie shows him wearing Jedi robes and holding a green lightsaber. It is beside a LEGO Luke Skywalker figure.

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