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Terrific Retro Video Game Wedding Cake

Wreck It Ralph Cake

This Terrific Video Game Wedding Cake was made by Little Cherry Cake Company. This is an adorable wedding cake for a lucky gaming couple.  The words on the cake are: If it’s just a GAME, I like the way we play. 

It is only fitting that Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man are on the top of the cake.  They make a great Bride and Groom cake topper. Mr. Pac-Man is wearing a black tophat with a blue band and Mrs. Pac-Man is wearing a white lace hat.  Their video game friends are all around on the cake to help them celebrate their wedding day. Mario is wearing his red cap. Link, from Zelda is wearing his green outfit. Sonic the Hedgehog is blue. Crash Bandicoot has his hand up in the air waving. He is wearing blue shorts. Donkey Kong is wearing his red tie. A red Ghost, Blinky, is beside Donkey Kong. The green haired lemming is wearing a blue dress.

The multi-tiered cake is back with yellow dots to represent the video game board. There are lots of yummy yellow dots all over the cake for Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man to eat. There are red and blue game controller buttons on the cake board in front of the cake. 

Pac Man Wedding Cake

Here’s a picture of the cake in an amazing display case that looks just like a Retro Pac-Man Video Game Console.