Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes – 70+  terrific Pop Culture and geeky wedding cakes created by terrific bakers from around the world.

There are a lot of terrific designs.

Many combine different fandoms and create a wonderful looking cake. Some have pop culture on one side and an elegant wedding cake on the other side.Some are split and pop culture characters and objects are in between the 2 parts.

I really enjoyed making a Captain America Wonder Woman cake myself. If you look closely, you might see Deadpool crashing the party.

Some of my favorites couples are

  • Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Deadpool and Batgirl
  • Robin Hood and Marian
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse
  • Belle and the Beast
  • Carl and Ellie from Disney’s Up
  • Lady and the Tramp
  • 2 dinosaurs form Jurassic Park
  • Fred and Wilma from the Flintstones
  • Captain America and Wonder Woman
  • 2 Smurfs
  • Han and Leia
  • Padme and Anakin

Also check out cakes with themes of Cinderella, Doctor Who, Star Wars, and others.

Stellar Star Trek Halloween Wedding Cake

Star Trek Halloween Wedding Cake

Star Trek Halloween Wedding Cake

This Stellar Star Trek Wedding Cake was made by Little Cherry Cake Company.  The couple loved all things Star Trek, Pumpkin, and Halloween so Tracey creatively combined these themes into this awesome wedding cake using carrot cake as a base.  Notice one of the couple’s pet cats on the side of the cake.

The cake has two tiers. Both tiers are orange pumpkins.  The bride and groom are sitting on the top  pumpkin. There is a black bat flying just below them.  The bottom pumpkin has a face carved out.

The cake board is purple. There are green pumpkin vines and a black cat on the cake board.


Star Trek Wedding Cake Toppers

Here is a close-up of the Star Trek themed bride and groom. She is wearing a blue Star Trek uniform dress. She is holding orange roses in her hand. The roses are the same color orange as the pumpkins. The groom is wearing a red Star Fleet Captain’s uniform. There is a large yellow moon behind them. Black bats are flying in front of the moon.


Cat Cake Figure

Their black and white cat is sitting on a green pumpkin leaf on the cake.


Witch's Hat & Broom

Here’s a black witch’s hat and brown broom beside the cake.


Star Trek Halloween Wedding Cake

The bottom cake layer is a Jack-o-Lantern with a scary face.

Planning a Star Trek Party? These treats will help you make it so!


Awesome Art Deco Batman Wedding Cake

Batman Wedding Cake

This awesome art deco Batman Wedding Cake is black and gold.

I like the way the top and bottom tiers are black with a single gold band at the very top and very bottom of the cake so that the focus of the cake is the art deco middle tier.

The wedding also had black and gold art deco table settings and table decor that matched perfectly.

This wonderful cake was made by Little Cherry Cake Company.


Art Deco Batman Wedding Cake

Here’s another view of this wonderful cake.

You may also enjoy another art deco Batman cake done by the same baker.

Looking for other Batman Cakes, take a look at these:

Batman Wedding cake

Cubic Batman cake



Elegant Wedding Cake with Burgundy Sugar Roses and Millennium Falcon

Wedding Cake w Burgundy Sugar Roses

I made this Wedding Cake with sugar roses and Millennium Falcon for my nieces wedding.

The bride and groom are Star Wars fans so they requested a Millennium Falcon crashing into the cake.

Millennium Falcon on Wedding Cake

Millennium Falcon on Wedding Cake

The Millennium Falcon has a sign on the back that says Just Married. I made a pink heart at the top of the letter i.  It crashed into the cake just behind one of the rose bouquets.

Here’s a picture of the whole cake that shows the Millennium Falcon a little better.

Wedding Cake with Sugar Flowers and Millennium Falcon

Here’s a close-up of one of the sugar flower corsages. The wedding colors were burgundy and a darker rose pink color. The bride’s flower bouquet included burgundy Black magic roses and pink Royal Porcelina roses, so I made sugar flowers to match.

Millennium Falcon w Sugar Flowers on Wedding Cake

Furthermore, I made burgundy sugar roses which I modeled after the Black Magic roses and light pink roses which were modeled after Royal Porcelina roses.

I watched Nicholas Lodge classes on how to make sugar roses. They were very helpful. I used graduated shades of pink fondant to make the pink roses lighter at the outer petals. I also used graduated shades of burgundy fondant to make the outer petals darker on the burgundy sugar roses.  I used edible paints to shade the roses and leaves.

I also made other sugar flowers and buds in a smokey rose color which is a bit darker than a dusty rose color. These matched the bridesmaids dresses.

In addition, I made sugar flowers of seeded Eucalyptus and other types of Eucalyptus leaves. Nicholas Lodge videos on this were very helpful. These videos used the Katy Sue Mold for Wedding Foliage.


I have never made sugar flowers on this scale before so it took me quite a while to do these, but I was very happy with the result.


Burgundy Sugar Roses

Burgundy Black Magic Sugar Roses and pink sugar flowers

Here’s a picture of another Sugar Flower bouquet on the cake.

I taped a few flowers and leaves together and placed them into a straw. I first inserted 1 straw into the cake at an angle. The straw was long enough to reach to the cake board at the bottom of the tier. I took that straw out. Then, I placed a piece of fondant at the bottom of another straw the same size so cake would not get inside the straw. Then I inserted it in the same hole. I used 2 to 4 straws with smaller sets of flowers to build the larger flower bouquets on each tier.

I first tried to make one large bouquet with all the flowers for the tier, but it did not work very well for me so I changed to the 2 to 4 smaller straws with flowers and it worked much better.

Furthermore, I used a Katy Sue Rose Medley mold to make the fondant white rose border that goes around the bottom of each tier. This added a nice finishing touch to the cake. You can see it at the bottom of the picture above.


In addition, I used this Millennium Falcon silicon chocolate mold to make it. I put a wooden stick in the mold while the chocolate hardened.  This way, it could be attached to the cake.

I painted it with cocoa butter shaded gray.  I used red and black cocoa butter to paint the red and black accents.

Moreover, the Just Married sign was made using fondant and edible markers in black and pink.

Wedding Cake w burgundy Sugar Flowers

Here’s a picture of the cake in subdued lighting at the venue. Real rose petals are on the table beside the cake.  They match well with the sugar roses on the cake.

You may also enjoy these Star Wars Wedding Cakes:

Star Wars semi-naked Wedding Cake with Millennium Falcon

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Fabulous Flintstones Wedding Cake

Flintstones Wedding Cake

Flintstones Wedding Cake

This adorable Flintstone Wedding Cake was made by Nicole from Sweet Love Cake Couture.

Here is Nicole’s description of this wonderful cake:

“Now this is how you rock a wedding cake!!! The initial brief for this cake was for a 4-5 tier plain fondant cake with Fred and Wilma figurines on top. My initial reaction was one of excitement to create such iconic characters. But then I met the couple for a consult and the groom had other ideas. So we brainstormed a few ideas and this is what we came up with. Just as a side note, we had to include Fred’s ‘worker’ dinosaur because the groom is in the earth moving business. The buildings and fence are cake and all the other elements were handcrafted from sugar. I’ve seriously never had so much fun creating a wedding cake.”


Flintstones Wedding Cake Topper

Here is Nicole’s description of this cute wedding cake topper:

“A little close-up of the Fred and Wilma figurines . . . all handcrafted from sugar. These were incorporated in the design so they could be removed and kept as an everlasting memory.”