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Terrific Portal Wedding Cake

Portal Wedding Cake

This Magnificent Portal Wedding Cake was made by Little Cherry Cake Company.

This Wedding cake is composed of three separate portal companion cubes. Each companion cube has a white circle with a light pink heart in the middle.

The first cube has the words, Just Married.  It has a figure of the bride sticking out of the cake. Atlas the robot and a Sentry Turret are on top of the cake.

The second cube shows the groom jumping into the Portal cube. GLaDOS is on top of the cube. A Sentry Turret is on top of the cube. A brown cake is also on top of this cube. The brown cake is a reference from Portal 1.  

The third cube shows the bride diving into the top of the Portal cube and the groom is popping out ouf the front of the cube. P-body the robot is on top of the cube.