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Marvelous Chibi Star Wars Wedding Cake

Chibi Star Wars Cake

This Marvelous Star Wars Wedding Cake features Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Rey, BB-8, and the Millennium Falcon. This Superb Star Wars Cake was made by Regali Kitchen.

The top cake layer is dark blue to represent outer space.

The words: 

     I Love You.    

     I Know.  

are written in white and yellow letters on the side of the cake.

Star Wars Cake

Han Solo and Princess Leia are sitting on top of a white chocolate Millennium Falcon. The white Millennium Falcon has silver cockpit windows, silver top hatch doors, and a silver antennae. Han and Leia are holding hands.

Star Wars Cake

Rey is Sitting down beside BB-8 on top of the brown cake layer. BB-8 is an adorable little droid.

Star Wars Cake

Chewbacca is sitting on the brown cake layer on the side opposite Rey and BB-8.