Deadpool Hasn’t Finished Making His Cake Yet!

Deadpool Cake

Deadpool Cake

Wow, you are here way too early today! I thought you weren’t visiting the blog for at least another hour. If I’d known, I would have Deadpool finish his cake sooner. As you can see he still has a bunch of work left on it.

The brilliant Deadpool Cake was made by Madl Créations Cakedesign. It is a simple single tier white cake with a matching white and black cake board. This is intentional because you’re not supposed to pay any attention to them. 

In the center of the cake is a brick wall shaped like Deadpool’s head. The brick wall is so large that it actually sticks up over the top of the cake.

Part of the wall has been painted black and red and looks like Deadpool. In the center is Deadpool on a ladder with a paint brush in one hand and a can of paint in the other. Deadpool is painting the wall to look like himself, but he is only about half way done.

This is such a wonderful and unique design. Since Deadpool is a humorous character, the humor of the cake works perfectly.

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Adorable Deadpool Wedding Cake Topper

Even Deadpool Was A Cute Baby!

Baby Deadpool Cake

This cute Baby Deadpool Cake was made by Segredo do Bolo Atelier.  This great cake features a baby version of Deadpool.  He is dressed in his costume, has his Katanas and utility belt and he is wearing his mask.  But, his head is as large as his body and he had a cute curl of hair at the top of his mask.

Can you imagine trying to babysit baby Deadpool?

What’s Scarier Than Deadpool? Deadpool In Love!

Deadpool Cake

This wonderful Deadpool Cake was made by Yana Yatort.  This is a single layer black cake with Deadpool’s utility belt around it.  On top of the cake is a wonderful Deadpool Cake Topper.  He is holding his hands together to make a heart.  A heart is floating in the air above him.

I’m not sure which is scarier – Deadpool stealing Batman’s utility belt and painting it brown or Deadpool in love.


Deadpool Cake Topper

Here is a close-up of the wonderful Deadpool Cake Topper.

Awesome Giant Deadpool Cookie

Deadpool Cookie

This terrific giant Deadpool Cookie was made by Pyrani Chek.  This awesome cookie features Deadpool looking impatient.  At least he is impatient and not angry.  You wouldn’t like Deadpool when he’s angry.  He has one of his katana on his back.  Where is his other katana? Probably stuck in someone else’s back.  On his belt are various pouches where Deadpool stores weapons, tacos, and most importantly chimichangas.