Trek Wars Cookies: The Sweetest Star Trek & Star Wars Mashup

Star Trek Cookies

These awesome Star Wars meets Star Trek cookies were made by Klickitat Street.  I love Star Trek and Star Wars, so I think these are some of the coolest cookies I’ve ever seen.


Star Trek Cookies

Spock would make a great Jedi.  I can’t see Chekov as a Jedi.  He never seemed disciplined enough.  He’d go around telling everyone that the Russian’s discovered the Force and invented Midi-chlorians.


Star Trek Cookies

The idea of having Kirk as Han Solo is brilliant!  I love the tribble Chewbacca.


Star Trek Cookies

Scotty is C-3PO and McCoy is R2-D2.


Uhura Cookie

This Princess Uhura cookie is lovely.


Sulu Cookie

Sulu would make a great X-wing pilot.


Darth Vader Cookie

I saved the best for last.  I LOVE this Klingon Darth Vader Cookie. 

Superb Funko Pop Chewbacca Cake

Chewbacca Funko Pop cake

Superb Funko Pop Chewbacca Cake

This superb Funko Pop Chewbacca cake features him playing a Nintendo Switch. An Xbox is on the cake board.

This wonderful cake was made by  Milebian by Lucia Loro

The birthday person is a huge Stars fan and a gamer so this cake combines both. 


Chewbacca Funko Pop cake

In addition, this close-up of Chewbacca’s face shows his teeth and eyes in detail. A piece of black fondant in the background highlights his teeth.

His fur was created with lines in the brown fondant.

Moreover, the birthday name is written in grey letters on the cake board.

Chewbacca Funko Pop cake

This in-progress picture shows the sculpted cake being covered in chocolate ganache.


Chewbacca Funko Pop cake

The Nintendo Switch and the Xbox were probably made using fondant.

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Adorable Chewbacca Cake

Cute Chewbacca 40th Birthday Cake

The Cutest Hand Drawn Baby Yoda Cookies

Hand Drawn Baby Yoda Cookies

Hand Drawn Baby Yoda Cookies

These adorable hand drawn Baby Yoda Cookies were made by Turquesa 51.  This cute set of cookies consists of a center cookie with Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian. There are seven round cookies featuring Grogu around the center cookie.

Baby Yoda’s facial expression on each cookie is wonderful.

The center cookie has Baby Yoda hugging The Mandalorian.  Mando has his hand on top of Baby Yoda’s head. 

Three of the round cookie show different expressions for Baby Yoda. In one he is happy and has hearts around his head. In another, he looks puzzled and there are question marks over his head. In the third, he looks mesmerized by what he is seeing.

The other cookie feature him in his pram pod, playing with a ball, using the force, and peeking out from behind a rock.

These cookies are too cute!

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Splendid Chibi Star Wars Cookies

Star Wars Cookies

These splendid chibi Star Wars cookies feature Chewbacca, C-3PO, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Fin, Yoda and Rey.

In addition, a blue cookie has the words, May the Force Be with You.

These cookies resemble cute pre-school versions of these characters.

These wonderful cookies were made by Bev Made Cookies.


Star Wars Cookies

Moreover, a BB-8 cookie and a R2-D2 cookie are also in the set.


Star Wars Cookie

Star Wars Cookies

These Chewbacca and Finn cookies are cute.


Star Wars Cookies

Princess Leia, Rey, and Luke Skywalker cookies have characters with rosy cheeks.

Yoda Cookie

This Yoda cookie is a cute version of the character. 


Lightsaber Cookies

Furthermore, these red, green, and blue lightsaber cookies finish the set.

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