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Star Wars Puzzle Cake Is The Coolest Thing You’ll See This Week!

Star Wars Puzzle Cake
Star Wars Puzzle Cake

While it is cute, this Star Wars Puzzle Cake doesn’t look like anything extraordinary. This is a case where looks can be deceiving. This cake by Ulika Smirnova is one of the coolest cakes I’ve ever seen.

To find out why, take a look at these pictures and video below.


Star Wars Puzzle Cake Scrambled

Each of the three tiers rotate like a puzzle cube.


Star Wars Puzzle Cake Scrambled

If you look carefully at the first photo, you’ll see that each of the three tiers are separated from each other. The separation is so slight that it doesn’t draw your eyes. Each tier has its own individual support which rotates.

Not only does each tier rotate, but you don’t have to leave the cake in cube form. Even when each layer is jutting out at odd angles, the cake doesn’t sag any.


Close-up of Star Wars Puzzle Cake Scrambled

Here is a close-up. You can see that gap between the tiers, but you can’t see any of the support and rotating structure. Ulika does any amazing job of hiding all of that.


Close-up of Baby Yoda Cake Topper

You can scramble and unscramble the image just like in a child’s puzzle. Here is the cake back in a cube form but with the images scrambled.


Here is a close-up of the cute Baby Yoda Cake Topper.


This Instagram post shows the cake in action.

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